Monday, December 19, 2005

Give an actor a break

Here's an invitation from Amber O'Daniels on a free Meisner workshop Tuesday:

Dec 20th at 7:30 there will be a free Meisner workshop at the Media Co-Op.
(It's free, but donations to the Media Co-Op are always appreciated).

About the workshop:

Recently I have received e-mails from parents looking for a class for their talented children. While I have taught all age groups this method, this particular class is only open for ages 16 and up. I think this workshop would be a wonderful opportunity for parent and teenage to check out what I am doing and see if this is the workshop they both agree on. If there are parents out there who have a child who is say 12 and they feel that adult language is nothing new, check this workshop out. I would allow a child under 16 to be part of the class, but only with parental approval, and only if the parent talks with me first. Because this workshop just scratches the surface it is relatively safe for all age groups, although, adult language might be used. I strongly encourage curious teens and parents to attend.

This is a workshop that gives a synopsis of what the entire class is about. Each time I offer a class I try to give a free workshop so that people know what they are getting or figure out what they want. I only wish all classes had a free workshop before I signed up for it. I know for a fact I would not have taken my child psych class at U of M (gosh was that a bad class).
This is your chance as a possible student to see what I do and to ask all sorts of questions before committing to an eight week class. It is also a way for me to get the message out there in hopes of filling up the next class.

What should you plan on for this workshop: plan to get some basic information about the class, plan to have some fun, and plan on ... it being free (unless you bring a donation).

Even if you think you will not be able to come to the actual class but you can make it to the workshop, great! Come to the workshop.

For more information check out (click on the Meisner link) or

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