Thursday, November 09, 2006

Extras needed Saturday

The shoot is Nov 11th outside of Hernando MS. It starts at 5 pm and we will wrap it up asap. If you would please wear a mask or halloween costume -- if not we will still be happy to have you there. Bring layers as it will be cold and we will also have a bonfire.

We are filming a feature length film on HD. This is independent and there will be no pay but lots of fun and a chance to meet more people in the acting community. The director is Jeremy Benson and his last film was Shutter.

This is a horror film but this scene is just a happy party scene.

There will be snacks and beverages.

Let me know if you are in and how many people you are bringing (

The directions are from Memphis:

Take I-55 South to Jackson MS

Get off on I-69/304 exit to Tunica MS

Get off on Hwy 301 exit and take a left

Turn right on Hwy 304, (there is a green gas station on your left at the intersection of 301 & 304)

Pass Woodland Lake sign on your left, Then Woodland lake sign on your right

At edge of woods and begining of fields there is a street on your left named Kelly Road, turn left

Take your second Left which is Woodland Lake

Follow the road staying left. When the road dead ends we will show you where to park.

Ask for Jeannette Comans or Scarlet Williams

Please let me know if you will be there, we should not need you more than 2 hours.
but you if know movies there is a chance you will be there shorter or longer


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