Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Correction: Southern Comfort is invitation only!

The made-in-Memphis "Southern Comfort" is playing this Saturday but it is invitation only. This is my mistake: I posted the info without doublechecking, so my apologies to all who hoped to go based on my posting.

There is only the one screening and because of limited seating, only cast and crew who were involved in the entire production are able to get invitations.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

'Streaker' trailer

Locally shot and submitted to Sundance -- here's the trailer for "Streaker" done by award-winning filmmaker and former Disney animator, Lee McCaulla.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A night of Memphis music videos

Thursday Nov. 30 will be a great night of Memphis music on video. There will be a presentation of the documentary "Memphis Muck" -- a freewheeling look at the Muck Sticky Revue with local bands El Dorado and the Ruckus, Taco & da Mofos and Muck Sticky, all performing and talking about their music. Following the 30-minute documentary is the Live From Memphis 2006 Music Video Showcase, featuring 24 of the most amazing music videos of local bands by local directors. Both "Memphis Muck" and the Showcase were in last month's Indie Memphis Film Festival, so come and see what you missed or enjoy them again.

Showtime is Thursday, Nov. 30 at 7 pm at the MeDiA Co-op (1000 S. Cooper). It's $3 at the door.

The following is an alphabetical list of Music Videos and filmmakers:

200 Sachen
“Champagne For Breakfast”
dir. J. Michael McCarthy
Description: Sony Band based in Weisbaden who sings in German. This is the second video of 200 Sachen by Mike McCarthy and Wheat Buckley.

Arma Secreta
dir. Clayton Hurley
Description: Memphis’ most calculating indie rockers unveil their much anticipated action rock video “Segue/Debris,” the firs off their new record A Century’s Remains. Shot entirely on green-screen. Produced, directed, and animated by Clayton Hurley.

The Central Standards
“So Much Clearer”
dir. Waheed AlQawasmi
Description: A tale of lost love and regrets. Shot and edited in a style that serves to mirror the songs message of a blurred past and clearer present.

Chess Club
dir. Amy Frazier
Description: A rough and tumble self indulgent stab at life with new beat overtones and
a pocket full of synthesizers.

Christopher Reyes
“In Ways Ungraceful”
dir. Christopher Reyes & Garrett Ammon
Description: A combination of experimental music, dance, and video; choreographed by Garrett Ammon, performed by Ballet Memphis, shot and edited by Christopher Reyes.

Clanky’s Nub
dir. G.B. Shannon
Description: A psychedelicly clad experimental video – just the kind you would expect from the rockin’ Nub-sters. How ‘bout that drum solo, Jay?!

Evil Army
“Friday the 13th”
dir. Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury
Description: Evil Army, Memphis’ premier thrash band, makes their music video debut with this visual rendition of their song, “Friday the 13th.” It’s hard and raw, just the way you like it.

Helen Stellar
dir. Banner Gwin
Description: Shot in one night on borrowed equipment and donated 35mm short ends, this music video was written, directed and produced by former Memphian Banner Gwin, a 1999 graduate of Lausanne Collegiate School. The short semi-narrative story explores empathy and second chances in an almost surreal situation. Inspired by the music of Helen Stellar, and this song in particular, Gwin presented his concept to the band and not only did they approve the idea and treatment, they agreed to appear as the cast.

Jung Shin
“In The End”
dir. Galen Gower
Description: A simplistic look at emotions and the process of forgiveness.

Lord T. & Eloise
“Million Dollar Boots”
dir. Old School Pictures
Description: Rappers Lord T. and Eloise get aristo-crunk in their music video debut!

“Banks of the Arkansas”
dir. Live From Memphis
Description: Live music video shot at the Young Ave. Deli.

Mr. Sche
“Front Me Somethin’”
dir. Marc A. Dokes
Description: “Front Me Something” shows the aberage life of a street orientated black man struggling against political power and himself. The will to do right is overcastted by the need to survive. The streets can either make or break him, but with nothing to loose or gain, what choice does he have other than to hustle?

Muck Sticky
“Thingy Thing”
dir. Muck Sticky
Description: Does a Muck Stick video really need a description?

“Can You Hear Me Now?”
dir. Sarah Fleming
Description: Mung, late for their gig, drive recklessly through the streets of Memphis.

“Now is the Time”
dir. J. Michael McCarthy
Description: Music video for Olga’s new album and title track, “Now is the Time,” in stores now!

Organ Thief
dir. Christopher Reyes
Description: A psychedelic ride through hell; starring Kirk Rawlings and Brian Costner (from Organ Theif) with special guest appearance by the psycho chauffeur himself – John Pickle.

Reigning Sound
“Bad Man”
dir. Live From Memphis
Description: An excerpt from the Goner Fest 2 DVD produced and directed by Sarah Fleming and Christopher Reyes.

Secret Service
“Teenage Mustache”
dir. Live From Memphis
Description: Live music video shot at Memphis’ own Buccaneer!

dir. Darren Doane
Description: The first music video off their new album “Comatose,” this song asserts the belief that we are all deserving of a second chance.

So Serious featuring Tavious
“Me and You”
dir. Catina L. Johnson
Description: This video is about a young woman working as a dancer because she wants the finer things in life, but she has a boyfriend who doesn’t appreciate her. The Artist spots her from across the room and wants to be with her.

Souvenir Satellite
“This Circle”
dir. John Paul Clark
Description: A tale of man, his memories, and mass destruction.

Ty Brown
“Life Goes On”
dir. Waheed AlQawasmi
Description: A personal music video that takes you through a journey told by the artist.

The Willowz
“Equation #2”
dir. J. Michael McCarthy
Description: There’s a photo of Elvis with a fand in 1956 and he’s signed her hand. I took this notion to the extreme in that the girl never washed her hand and eventually became insane. I wanted to do it as a short, but when this weird music presented itself I wrapped the idea around it.

The Willowz
“Making Certain”
dir. H.G. Ray

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Nashville Film Festival call for entries

MISSED THE DEADLINE? There's Still a Chance... WAB Extended Deadline 11/30/06

Call For Entries
Nashville Film Festival
April 19-26, 2007


Chosen by MovieMaker Magazine as one of "20 Film Festivals Worth The Entry Fee."

NASHVILLE FILM FESTIVAL (NaFF) proudly announces its 38th
international competition for features, shorts, documentaries,
animation, experimental work, music videos and young filmmaker
NAFF also features children & family-themed films, special sections
for Tennessee filmmakers, archival screenings, gay & lesbian-themed
films, workshops, panel discussions, music showcases, and guest
appearances by nationally recognized figures in the film and music
worlds. All styles, genres and lengths of films are accepted.
TOP PRIZE FOR FEATURES - _Selected as one of the "Best Film Festival
The Regal Cinemas/Nashville Film Festival Dreammaker Award, entitles
the winning feature film to a industry/press screening in a Los
Angeles County Regal Cinema.
First prizes in the Short Narrative, Animation, College Student
Short Narrative, and College Student Animation categories qualify the
winning films for Academy Award consideration.

Nashville Film Festival celebrates Music City's heritage with
unique music and film awards: BEST MUSIC IN A FEATURE FILM, to
recognize particularly effective or innovative uses of music, whether
through original score, imaginative musical arrangements, or songs in
a feature; and the IMPACT OF MUSIC AWARD, for the film (feature or
documentary) that most effectively explores or celebrates the impact
of music on the human experience.

Nashville Public Television (NPT) Human Spirit Award acknowledges
the film (feature or documentary) that best captures the human
spirit and illuminates, in a high artistic manner, the most
important characteristics of humanity. Winner receives $1000 cash
award and will be broadcast on NPT. (All rights must be cleared for
broadcast on local public TV.)
Best Young Filmmaker Award (for filmmakers 18 and under) receives a
$3000 scholarship to Watkins Film School (Nashville, TN).
See the complete list of awards at

ENTRIES UNDER 40 MIN....................$55 (WAB Members- $40)
ENTRIES 40 MIN. AND OVER...............$70 (WAB Members- $55)_
(All deadlines are 'POSTMARKED BY' deadlines)

Nashville Film Festival
Phone: (615) 742-2500
Fax: (615) 742-1004

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You ugly?

The Country Music Television (CMT) program THE ULTIMATE COYOTE UGLY SEARCH will be holding auditions in Memphis on Sunday Dec. 3rd. For more information and to register visit

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Extras needed Saturday

The shoot is Nov 11th outside of Hernando MS. It starts at 5 pm and we will wrap it up asap. If you would please wear a mask or halloween costume -- if not we will still be happy to have you there. Bring layers as it will be cold and we will also have a bonfire.

We are filming a feature length film on HD. This is independent and there will be no pay but lots of fun and a chance to meet more people in the acting community. The director is Jeremy Benson and his last film was Shutter.

This is a horror film but this scene is just a happy party scene.

There will be snacks and beverages.

Let me know if you are in and how many people you are bringing (

The directions are from Memphis:

Take I-55 South to Jackson MS

Get off on I-69/304 exit to Tunica MS

Get off on Hwy 301 exit and take a left

Turn right on Hwy 304, (there is a green gas station on your left at the intersection of 301 & 304)

Pass Woodland Lake sign on your left, Then Woodland lake sign on your right

At edge of woods and begining of fields there is a street on your left named Kelly Road, turn left

Take your second Left which is Woodland Lake

Follow the road staying left. When the road dead ends we will show you where to park.

Ask for Jeannette Comans or Scarlet Williams

Please let me know if you will be there, we should not need you more than 2 hours.
but you if know movies there is a chance you will be there shorter or longer


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You've got to 'Muck'

But wait, there's more! After you "Eat"** this Saturday, come back to the Co-op for dessert on Nov. 30 to see "Memphis Muck" (and more).

The documentary chronicles a night at the New Daisy with the Muck Sticky Revue. There's performance footage and an interview with Muck who discusses his group and his philosophy**. You'll also enjoy performances and interviews with the evening's other acts: the amazing El Dorado and the Ruckus, the good time band Taco & da Mofos and the inexplicable Mr. Safety.

It's 30 minutes of giddy fun and there will be a special screening afterwards of ... well, we're still in secret discussions. But it will be at the MeDiA Co-op, 7 pm on Thursday, Nov. 30.

For a preview, tune in or Tivo Channel 3's "Live at 9" tomorrow (Thursday) and see Muck, Momma Sticky, Hollywood and me.

Jon W. Sparks
Memphis Cool Productions

** I prefer quotations around titles, following the AP Style Book. I gave up on italics long ago. Yes, I'm an editor.
Adults only, please.
† I am clueless.
† That's 9 a.m.

You've got to 'Eat'

Make a date for a special** screening of "Eat"*** Saturday, November 11 at the Media Co-Op at the First Congregational Church at 1000 S. Cooper. Showtime is 7 PM, cover is $5, running time is 87:43. Spread the word, bring your friends†, bask in the glory, email with questions.

Yours in humble gratitude for all the fine performances,

Chris McCoy
Oddly Buoyant Productions

** "special" in this case meaning...absolutely nothing.
*** I really prefer italicizing movie titles, as has been convention for at least a century. But that's so hit or miss with email clients I have surrendered to the quotation mark. Yes, I'm an editor.
† Friends, family, acquaintances, people you tolerate but view with quiet suspicion, rivals, blood enemies... I don't care, just bring 'em.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

LTTM schedule for November

Last Train to Memphis Entertainment would like to announce the November line up for LTTM's Shorts Festival on WYPL-18. These films will begin airing November 6th:

The Players:

The Diner - directed by Shawn McCully, Michael Prada and Marc Hall
Ninja This! - directed by 16 year old, Zach Raw
The Ancient One - directed by Don Meyers
Timmy - directed by Marc Hall
Lightning Strikes Twice - directed by Todd Roberts
Music for ending credits- Paco T performed by FreeWorld

Also, be sure to catch the bonus film at the end of our show's credits -
Baby It's You - A music video featuring Melissa Raper and the Greyhounds.

The Times:
Sunday - 12 midnight
Thursday - 2am
Thursday - 10:30pm
Saturday - 1:30am
Saturday - 11pm

Thanks to all the entrants. Remember, just because your film was not selected for this episode, doesn't mean it won't be in a future episode. If you would like to submit a film/doc/music video/animation go to: and click on the festival link. Be sure to check out our newly launched Memphis Uncensored section. We have received several requests for a place on our web site to watch films from previous episodes. Memphis Uncensored is a showcase of films from previous episodes, plus some that were to risque for the show. We didn't forget you music lovers, our Musician's Corner showcases songs we have played for the ending credits of each episode.

Be sure to tune in to WYPL-18 for some excellent independent short films and music throughout the month of November!