Monday, July 31, 2006

Casting for "My Blueberry Nights"

Lisa Lax needs 4 police officers and 4 EMT's. They have to be real police officer's and EMT's.
Email photos right away to

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Need actors! TODAY!

i need an old lady to get a dog by 5pm and a couple to show a house to by noon. help me out and message back. the old lady can be a young one if they have a wig. or i guess any young lady. please help...340-2043.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

'Trick' on radio this morning

Filmmaker DeAara Lewis will be featured on Soul Classics 103.5 morning show today (Thursday, July 27th) at about 9 a.m. to promote her film "Tricks." The project is in production now and is sizzlin'!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

'Just the Two of Us' benefit

Come see another screening of Keenon Nikita's "Just the Two of Us" on Aug. 3 at 7 pm at Studio on the Square. Admission is $15 -- proceeds will be used to send the movie to various film festivals.

Auditions in Oxford


A local movie company is looking for cast for the short film "The Light"

Auditions are to be held at The University of Mississippi in The Union

Room 417

Saturday July 29, 2006, Noon - 5pm





















Need more info call: Mat at 662-513-5790

Scooter fundraiser -- be there

Fundraiser for "Scooter"
July 29, 2006, 8:00 p.m.
at Otherlands, 641 South Cooper, Memphis

Featuring the talents of
- Amy LaVere
- Saturna
- Special Guests TBA

There will also be an Art Auction of some of Memphis' finest talents. Short films and Trailers for upcoming local films will be shown.

All proceeds will go toward funding the new film project by Amber O'Daniels and Sawed-Off/Oddly Buoyant Productions.

This film as an experimental film that takes two characters on a journey through America all while riding a Vespa. These two characters will be actually riding the Vespa and forced to deal with the environment as it comes. All sets, and extras will be true to life. If you see the two characters in a diner ordering from a waitress it is all true to life, the diner is real and the waitress really works there. The other aspect of the film that is interesting is that neither actor will know what will be taking place until the writers present it to them 10min before shooting. Each character will be improvising the entire film with direction from that character's writer. While the two lead characters are on the Vespa, the writers, director, camera crew will be in a Van giving the characters all the direction they need. No character will ever see the script so each feeling that is portrayed is organic and true to the moment.

For more information, please visit

Indie premieres Saturday

"Broken Esteem" was written and co-directed by Lynda Ingram with direction assistance provided by Timm Scalita.

"Broken Esteem" is about a 16-year-old girl, Brenda (Britney Card), who is being abused by her parents, but loved them so much that she would not confide in anyone about the abuse. She is saved by her little brother Dwain (Kai Tutor), Aunt Ginnie Mae (Brenda Card) and Uncle Zack (Timm Scalita).

Ernie Salera (Jonathan Jones) has appeared in three film projects, the 20th Century Fox pilot "Southern Comfort" with executive producer Ken Topolsky, and "The Garden" (an independent film shot April 2006). Salera has also modeled in the Memphis Bridal Show. His training consists of improvisation, commercials, and scene study (Lisa Lax Actors Studio).

Brenda Card (Aunt Ginnie Mae) resume includes two FM100 commercials, a featured extra in "Forty Shades of Blue" and “Beverly Hills 90210," and supporting actress in "Just the Two of Us", and "Chosen."

Brittney Card (Brenda) previous works include three modeling shows with John Robert Powers in the Mid-South Wedding Show, cover work on two "Little House on the Prairie" books scheduled for release in 2007, and acting as an extra in "Just the Two of Us" before landing the leading roll in “Broken Esteem.”

Raine Hicks (Margaret Jones) is a teacher in the Memphis City School System and has played many roles in the theaters including Fairy Godmother in “Cinderella” at Playhouse on the Square, Dina in “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” at Circuit Playhouse, and Magenta in “Rocky Horror Show” at Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA. "Broken Esteem" is her debut into film playing Brenda's abusive mother.

Siblings Quin (Jon Jon), Kai (Dwain), and Daisye (Stephanie) Tutor are a bundle of talent. All three played students in "21Grams," a major motion picture filmed in Memphis and directed by Alejandro Inarritu. Both brothers played students in "Southern Comfort" directed by Greg Yaitanes. Quin Tutor was also featured in "Protecting the Source" where he played the lead role of Johnny. Daisye Tutor’s resume includes work on "Black Snake Moan" and commercials for Hilton Hotels and St. Jude Hospital.

Director/Actor Timm Scalita (Uncle Zack) is a Memphis filmmaker that took time out of his own projects to assist with this film. He is currently working on another film "The Love of Angels."

C. M. Byerly provided the soundtrack and editing talent for this film.

Writer/Director Lynda Ingram whose previous films include "On Our Way" (a Warner Brothers Studio production directed by Frank Von Zerneck), a movie pilot "Son of Shaft", and two music videos "My Head's in Mississippi" ZZ Top and "Charge of the Light Brigade" Degarmo and Key. Ingram has been writing for years, and recently met Morgan Fox of the Media Co-op. Ingram credits Fox for giving her the “confidence that [she] could make [her] dream come true.”

This film is set to premier at Otherlands Coffee Bar at 8:00 PM on July 29, 2006.

Hattiloo -- a new local theater

This weekend - Hattiloo Auditions
Come and be part of the beginning

Auditions For Hattiloo Theatre
Memphis' new Black Repertory

Saturday – July 29, 2006 9a.m. – 3p.m.
Sunday – July 30, 2006 1p.m. – 5p.m.

Hattiloo Theatre – 656 Marshall Avenue

·2 minute-monologue
·Sheet Music w/16 bars (for musicals only)

*Monologues and Sheet music available

For details visit the website at

Monday, July 24, 2006

Auditions tonight

Audition for a horror film tonight (July 24) at The Complex, 7:30. Leads are cast but there are openings for several other speaking and nonspeaking roles.

Bring resume and headshot.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cars and actors: this is for you

Cowboy Up Productions is looking for the following:

Old beat up, run down cars for a shoot this Saturday.

A nice looking 60's, 70's muscle car for a shoot this Saturday.

A female actress for a small speaking role this Friday night.

Numerous men for a shoot-out scene in August.

Contact us at for details

Monday, July 17, 2006

Li'l Film Fest THREE!

Live From Memphis presents LI'L FILM FEST 3!! - Call for Entries

Kung who?... No, KUNG FU!!

In the initial development stages of our li'l festival a statement was made. That statement read as follows: "There's always something weird, strange, unusual, funny, or at least interesting happening around town, so we figured, why not turn those happenings into li'l films?"

At this time some of you might be asking yourselves, "What does Kung Fu have to do with Memphis?" If this is the case: (A) Stop talking to yourself, your mom might hear you and send you back to the shrink; and (B) Imagine for a moment small groups of individuals all wandering around town with video cameras making films about Kung Fu.... You know what people will say when they see this strange phenomena? They'll say "How weird," "How strange," "How unusual," "How funny," or "Hey, that's interesting."

So become a part of Memphis happenings and "Get off your ass and go make a Li'l Film - Memphis Style!"

“What is Li'l Film Fest?” you ask. Well, there’s always something weird, strange, unusual, funny, or at least interesting happening around town, so we figured, Why not turn those happenings into li'l films?

“How does it work?” It’s pretty easy. Basically, we here at LFM will pick a theme, then we’ll announce that theme to you, and then you get to go out and make a short video (or film if you want to be fancy) using that theme – the rest of the content is up to you.

“Why is it a mini-fest?” Two reasons: One, we plan on having one every quarter – that’s FOUR festivals a year. How fun is that? And two, when we say “li'l” we mean it - your film must be 5 minutes or less.

“Is there anything else I should know?” Geez, you ask a lot of questions, but the answer is “Yes.” The winner of LFM’s Li'l Film Fest will receive a $200 cash prize plus a guaranteed spot in the next Indie Memphis Film Festival! So keep that in mind when you’re rolling those cameras.

The Short & Sweet:
Theme: Kung Fu
Duration: 5 minutes or less
Deadline: August 31, 2006
Prize: $200 CASH
If you have any questions or comments please contact LFM.

Need crew, cast for 'Team Picture'

"Team Picture"
A film by Kentucker Audley

Currently in Pre-production
Production Dates: August 14th – September 3rd
Primary Filming in the Memphis Area
Secondary Shooting in Chicago and Arkansas

From the makers of "Bright Sunny South"
*Winner of the Indie Memphis Hometowner Short Film Award
*Official Selection Slamdance Film Festival
*Named One of the Top 5 Films of 2005 by the Memphis Flyer

Synopsis: A realistic, character study on a young man (early 20's) dealing with a disintegrating relationship with an ambitious artist / photographer girlfriend, as well pressures from his family and society to go to college / make steps towards success, all the while becoming increasingly interested in the questionably-viable life of playing guitar and writing songs.

Seeking Cast & Crew

Crew Positions available:

Sound Technician / Boom Operator
Set Photographer
Costume Designer / Makeup
Set Dressing and Location Manager
Basic PA

Cast Opportunities:

STEVE is the main character's step-dad. He is the owner of a family-owned trophy shop in suburban Memphis. He is a friendly guy, likely to give advice and offer support. He is interested in sports but is not particulartly athletic. He is kind but fairly awkward in his attempts to be liked.

HILLARY is in her early 20's. She is a cute and nice person, giving and quirky. She has a fun back and forth relationship with Eric (one of the main characters) who is inactively pursuing her. She eventually denies him though, out of basic differences.

Also we will be casting a few more adult supporting characters in the next two weeks.

Please send any photos and inquiries to

More Info at:

Saturday, July 15, 2006

'My Blueberry Nights' delays

Here an excerpt from today's story by John Beifuss in The Commercial Appeal. Read the full story here.

Wong Kar-wai, the acclaimed director of such dreamlike Hong Kong masterpieces as "In the Mood for Love" (2000) and the Quentin Tarantino favorite "Chungking Express" (1994) -- had been expected to come to town this weekend with singer-turned-actress Norah Jones to begin shooting the Memphis segment of his first English-language movie, "My Blueberry Nights."
Wong and Jones -- possibly accompanied by Kevin Spacey and recent Best Supporting Actress Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz -- originally were scheduled to shoot Monday through Friday at such familiar Memphis locations as the Arcade Restaurant on South Main and Blues City Cafe on Beale. Now, the shooting has been delayed, with no definite date set. Locations and casting could change, too, according to Memphis Film Commissioner Linn Sitler -- even though a casting call for local extras for the film was held July 1.
"We're still in discussions," Sitler said. "Since this is a movie taking place in a lot of different cities, everything is in flux."
"My Blueberry Nights" -- an independent production financed in part by France's StudioCanal -- began production June 21 in New York.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Indie Memphis -- deadline news

The 9th annual Indie Memphis Soul of Southern Film Festival is scheduled for
October 13-19 at Muvico Peabody Place 22 Theaters in downtown Memphis.

The published deadline for film submissions is July 15. However this year we
have a special extended deadline of July 31 for filmmakers who submit their
movies through Withoutabox. ( All submissions must fit
within the festival theme: a celebration of independent southern cinema.
These are movies that are either made in the south, made by southern
filmmakers, or have some relevance to the southern experience.

The Indie Memphis partnership with Withoutabox is new this year. Today we
were included in an email blast to over 93,000 filmmakers (below), and we
will be included in another blast two weeks from today. We've heard great
things from filmmakers and film festivals about the role that WAB plays in
getting independent films seen by audiences. We are optimistic that this
partnership will have great benefits in our efforts to program the best in
independent cinema.

We'll keep you posted as our plans develop.

Thanks for your support!

Silent film contest/festival

In celebration of the 13th year of the Pine Bluff Film Festival, Old Town Theatres Centre, Inc. is going to be doing something quite different - we will be staging our very first Silent Film Contest - Silents are Golden.

Now what on earth is that you ask? Quite simple. We believe that Silent Films are an integral part of our cultural heritage - and what better way to learn how to make a film and to celebrate our past than to make one without sound!

The contest is open to everyone. The only stipulation is that the film be silent - no dialogue whatsoever.

It can be a comedy (ala Chaplin, Keaton, etc.), or historical drama (like Griffith or DeMille), perhaps you'd rather present a simple romance, or a documentary - frankly, it can be a completely modern and contemporary statement - anything goes - except for sound! Don't think you can do it? Well, we're betting you can.

Now don't think you have to mimic a silent film of the past (though you most certainly can!) - open up your imagination and let us see what you can do. We think you'll surprise yourself once you start to plan your film.

So, whether you're a seasoned film-maker, or someone who just always dreamed of making a film - here's your chance to do something unique! The Top 5 films will be shown at The Community Theatre on the last day of the Festival (October, 2006 - exact dates to be determined soon).

There Are No Entry Fees


* Films MUST be silent - music and limited sound effects only will be permitted. Title Cards are optional of course.
* Films can be of any duration
* Films can be of any subject matter
* Films can be color or black & white
* Entries must be received by us no later than September 9th , 2006.
* The films must be presented on either VHS or DVD (though you can shoot it in any format, including film, that you wish).
* Films must have appropriate credits and copyrights.
* Entries must include a signed release form (we will e-mail this to you).
* Entries must include a biography of the film-maker(s) as well as any additional credits or press materials you may wish to present.

Films chosen to be screened at the festival will all receive a Special Certificate of Participation and other goodies (to be determined).

Old Town Theatres Centre Inc., will not be able to return any entries - so make sure you have another copy! Please don't send us one-of-a-kind original material. We are not responsible for insurance or other fees, or for lost or misplaced materials.

Chosen participants must provide for their own transportation and accommodations for the Festival if they choose to attend.

For Entry Forms and additional information please e-mail us at:

Old Town Theatres Centre, Inc.
PO Box 9258
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71611
Old Town Theatres Centre, Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation.

Thursday night indie at Brooks

Thursday, July 13 at 7 pm
Film: Stolen
$5 for Brooks members, $7 for non-members
For more information call 901.544.6208
Dorothy K. Hohenberg Auditorium

In 1990, thieves disguised as police officers gained entrance to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and executed the largest art heist in modern history. Among the works stolen was Vermeer¹s The Concert, thought to be the world¹s most valuable painting. Stolen takes the viewer into the rarefied world of art collecting and the
nature of art itself.

Sunday, July 16 at 2 pm
Rockumentary Film Series
Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley
Free for Brooks members
Non-members: Free with museum admission
Dorothy K. Hohenberg Auditorium
For more information call 901.544.6208

Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley continues to be a popular selection at film festivals all over the world. It was recently chosen as the winner of the Best Documentary at the
San Francisco World Film Fest.
Jeff Buckley is without question one of the most enigmatic musical artists of this generation. He died tragically in Memphis at the young age of 30, but has become a veritable tour de force of inspiration for artists across the globe.

Sunday July 23 at 2 pm
Rockumentary Film Series
New York Doll
Free for Brooks members
Non-members: Free with museum admission
Dorothy K. Hohenberg Auditorium
For more information call 901.544.6208

The story of Arthur "Killer" Kane of the The New York Dolls, a recovering alcoholic and recently converted Mormon, who reunites with his band.
With empathy, respect, and humor, director Greg Whiteley follows Kane and interviews key musicians, friends, and colleagues to uncover the legacy of the Dolls and their impact on the London music scene in the early 1970s.

Tuesday July 25 at 7 pm
Undiscovered Gems" Independent Films
Red Doors
$5 for Brooks members, $7 for non-members
For more information call 901.544.6208
Dorothy K. Hohenberg Auditorium

Red Doors tells the story of the Wongs, a bizarrely dysfunctional Chinese-American family living in the New York suburbs. Ed Wong has just retired and plots to escape his mundane life. However, the tumultuous, madcap lives of his three rebellious daughters change his plans.

This film is part of the "Undiscovered Gems" Independent Films shown on the last tuesday of every month through November 2006.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Micro Cinema Club -- Wednesday

Indie Memphis Presents Micro Cinema Club #20 on Wednesday, July 12, at 7:30 p.m. at Power House

Indie Memphis Micro Cinema Club (IMMCC) is a monthly program featuring short films from around the world. In July, IMMCC presents Amok-imation, curated by Ariella J. Ben-Dov of The MadCat Women’s International Film Festival in San Francisco.

Wry, dark and painfully funny, these animated works from Sweden, Mexico, the Netherlands and the Philippines are not your typical Saturday morning cartoons.

Who is Gunnar? Tilda Lovell
2004 • 5:40 min • Color • Sweden
Observe Gunnar, a sad grasshopper who is maimed by an unwanted surgery. Follow him as he looks for his stolen body part and finds new friends.
Woman Without a Past Lisa Barcy
2004 • 5 min • Color • US
Using stop-motion animation, the filmmaker deconstructs the romance novel—literally. Text comes alive to create an enigmatic portrait of a mysterious woman with a rich past.
One Minute Interview Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson
2004 • 1 min • B/W • US
A young child embodies one inner city ghost in this hand drawn documentation.
Síndrome de Línea Blanca Lourdes Villagómez
2005 • 7 min • Color • Mexico
A young girl is killed by a car. Villagómez uses stop-motion animation, cutouts of people within life size sets and live-action footage to tell the story of a life that never was.
Silig (Undertow) Vivian Limpin
1996 • 7:26 min • Color • Philippines
Using white ink on black paper, Limpin ruminates about all the ways one can end it all.
Small & Deep, Love Stories Hsin-Ping Pan
2005 • 6:40 min • Color • US
A visual poem of love and passion.
Emblem Cecilia Lundqvist
2001 • 2:27 min • Color • Sweden
Women in bathing suites and socks doing gymnastics. What are the posh British men so sorry about? Look closely.
The Guilt Trip, or The Vatican Takes a Holiday Lisa Barcy
2004 • 14 min • Color • US
In a dilapidated church, icons of Catholicism run amok, Jesus and Mary Magdalene steal away for an adventurous road trip, and the Pope tends his restless herd with an iron fist. Told with stop-motion animated puppets and mixed media, The Guilt Trip examines the notion that you can always leave, but you can never really escape.
Gum and Tea Samuael Topiary and E.E. Miller
2005 • 4:50 min • Color • US
A meditation on oral fixation and the presidency, this short features an unnamed local artist as she talks about her fanciful project for the president of the US.
Ero Sawhang Blues Kay Lee
2004 • 4:25 min • Color • South Korea
A gun, a little girl, a man and a masturbating older woman…something is bound to happen.
Cosmetic Emergency Martha Colburn
2005 • 9 min • Color • The Netherlands
This music-driven film takes viewers on a humorous and politicized hip hop tour of the cosmetic surgery obsession. Sequences are created with paint-on-glass animation, found footage and documentary techniques. Dutch Ambassador of Cosmetic Surgery Marijke Helwegen makes a rare cameo. Original music by New Zealand’s, Coco Solid and Half Japanese founder Jad Fair, British radio artist Mick Hobbs, and trombonist Hilary Jeffery.
Jack and Jill Andrea Shear
2004 • 1:26 min • Color • US
A fresh look at this classic nursery rhyme.

About MadCat
Founded in 1996 the MadCat Women’s International Film Festival is a highly acclaimed international festival that exhibits independent and experimental films and videos directed by women from around the globe. The Festival emphasizes work that is inventive and visionary.

Admission is always free, so is the popcorn!
Power House, 45 G.E. Patterson, between Main & Front Streets in the South Main Arts District

Operation Entertainment is an initiative aimed at collecting DVDs for soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Operation Entertainment will continue until our troops return home.

New and used DVDs (in good condition) can be donated at:
Power House, 45 G.E. Patterson during the Indie Memphis Micro Cinema Club, or at The Mail Center, 1910 Madison Avenue.

DVDs and tax-deductible donations can be mailed to:
Indie Memphis, 1910 Madison Avenue, PMB 632 Memphis, TN 38104

Casting call for stage production

"Without you: A Tribute to Jonathan Larson and the music of RENT" An interactive musical theatre experience. Auditions 1:45 July 22 and 5:45 July 23 . 5:45 July 24, by invitation only. Show Dates 9/2-9/30. Sing at least 16 bars from a Broadway musical. A dance sequence will be taught. Especially needed: Vocalists, Actors of Musical Theater, Dancers who sing, Male vocalist (I' ll Cover You:Reprise), male (One Song Glory), female (Take Me or Leave Me) males (Santa Fe) 20 male, 20 female Tango dancers ages 15-25. Director: Dewayne Hambrick. The Graffitti Project, housed in Galloway Methodist Church Corner of Cooper/Walker in Cooper/Young District. Resume/ Head shot suggested. Questions 314-5556.

This is for the Graffitti Project which is the fundraising arm of Graffitti Playground, a non-profit performing arts school founded and directed by Dewayne Hambrick for kids with talent- but no funds to pursue their dreams in the arts. Building on Mr. Hambrick's vision, we mainly focus on identifying talent in impoverished areas, good solid training, performance opportunities, agency placement and funding for auditions for these talented young people. We also hope to connect to the local performing arts community by offering free daily dance classes and vocal workshops for performing artists when they are actively in productions. We are still very young, but growing at a rapid pace. Mr. Hambrick also works in conjunction with Lisa Lax.

Acting camp for youngsters

Actors Studio Drama Camp With Lisa Lax!

July 17th – 21st


July 24th - 28th

For kids and Teens ages 6-9, 10-13, and 14-18!

9:30am-2pm daily. Cost is $175.00 for the week

Location is Berryhill’s Studio located at 1890 Berryhill Rd. Cordova, TN 38016

To register email Lisa at or call 246-8249

Actor needed

this is markell grant and i am
helping my director look for an african-american
woman in her 40s or 50s to play a mother named Maybell
who has a son who is trying to make it in the music industry
as a rapper and get signed to a major deal. the film is called white
man cant rap, so its a comedy meets drama type of film, its got a good
cast but we just need a moma Maybell to top it off. if anyone knows
someone who could play this character or anyone in the acting community
please email me at and i could get your contact
info. it would help if the person has experience in acting but it doesnt
matter really as long as you are solid.

thanx alot

markell grant

Acting class

Tonight (Monday July 10) 5:30pm-6:30- Preteens, Teens

7pm-9pm 18 and up, Adults

Location: Berryhills Studio-1890 Berryhill RD. Cordova, TN

Please confirm if you're attending!

Also, Just know, your suggestions and complaints are welcomed. I'm pretty easy going, so please just let me know how you're feeling. It's important to improve our scene study!


Lisa Lax

Friday, July 07, 2006

Great indie flicks at the Brooks

From John Beifuss' story in today's Commercial Appeal:

Indie films and "rockumentaries" will be screened this month at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art as the Overton Park institution continues its renewed commitment to movie programming.

The "rockumentary" series begins at 2 p.m. Sunday with the acclaimed documentary "Neil Young: Heart of Gold," directed by Jonathan Demme.

The series continues at 2 p.m. July 16 with "Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley," a look at the too-short life of the singer-songwriter whose intensely devoted following has continued to grow since Buckley's 1997 drowning in the Mississippi River near Mud Island.

The final film in the series is Greg Whiteley's "New York Doll," which makes its Memphis theatrical premiere at 2 p.m. July 23. The movie -- which debuted at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival -- catches up with Arthur 'Killer' Kane, a founding member of the New York Dolls who gave up glam rock for Mormonism.

The rock doc series was coordinated in conjunction with "Annie Leibovitz: American Music," an exhibition of photographs that runs through Aug. 27. The films are free with regular museum admission.

Meanwhile, the museum also will make room for overlooked independent films this summer.

At 7 p.m. Thursday, the museum will screen Rebecca Dreyfus' "Stolen," a documentary that examines the still unsolved 1990 theft of masterpieces by Manet, Rembrandt and Vermeer from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

The museum's "indieWIRE: Undiscovered Gems" series devoted to independent film continues at 7 p.m. July 25 with "Red Doors," the story of a bizarrely dysfunctional Chinese-American family in the New York suburbs. Admission to "Stolen" and "Red Doors" is $7 per person, or $5 for Brooks members.

"Dollars and Signs," a local film shot by MeDiA Co-op co-founder Brandon Hutchinson, will be shown at 8 p.m. Aug. 2 as part of the museum's "First Wednesday" program for the month. Hutchinson will introduce the film and answer questions afterward. Free with regular museum admission.

At 7 p.m. Aug. 10, the museum will host a double feature of recent romantic comedy-dramas to mark the conclusion of the annual Outflix festival devoted to gay and lesbian cinema. The movies include Q. Allan Brocka's "Boy Culture," about a professional "male escort," and Peter Paige's "Say Uncle," with a cast that includes Kathy Najimy and Gabrielle Union. Admission is $10.

Finally, at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 24, the museum will host a barbecue tasting and discussion session along with the local premiere of the documentary "Whole Hog" about Middle Tennessee barbecue. Director Joe York (rhymes with pork) of the Southern Foodways Alliance and food writer Leslie Kelly of The Commercial Appeal will help host the event. Admission is $20, or $10 for museum members.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How to help make "Scooter"

From Amber O'Daniels:

I am in the beginning stage of shooting my first feature film. The film is "Scooter" and is set to start shooting in August. It is a collaboration among some of the greatest film talents in Memphis.

--Morgan Jon Fox (award winning, director, writer etc.) will be behind the camera. He's the lead cameraman and editor of the film. (Sawedoff Collaboratory)

--Chris McCoy (writer and director of such great films as "Automusik" and "Eat") will direct and also write for the lead male character. (Oddly Buoyant Productions)

--Laura Hocking (Writer, assistant director, producer) will write for the female character of the film as well as keeping all of us organized. (Oddly Buoyant Productions)

--John Fuess (writer, director, camera guy) will be the second camera and map genius.

--David Merill is the location mastermind.

--Sean O'Daniels (DJ genius, music God) will be in charge of music. (Sawedoff Collaboratory)

--Tal Fields is lead male actor. (Oddly Buoyant Productions)

--Amber O'Daniels is lead female actor. (Sawedoff Collaboratory)

This experimental film takes two characters on a journey through America as they ride a Vespa. They will actually ride the scooter and be forced to deal with the environment as it comes. All sets and extras will be true to life. If you see the actors in a diner ordering from a waitress, the diner is real and the waitress really works there. The other aspect of the film that is interesting is that neither actor will know what will be taking place until the writers present it to them 10 minutes before shooting. Each character will improvise the entire film with direction from that character's writer. While the two lead characters are on the Vespa, the writers, director and camera crew will be in a van giving the characters direction. Each feeling that is portrayed is organic and true to the moment.

Why did I want to make such a film? I wanted to work with some of the best minds in Memphis before I left for New York and I wanted to make a pure love story. So many times I feel that love stories need to have someone die who comes back as a ghost who kills the bad man and needs to repent for all his or her wrongdoings. What ever happened to love, just simple falling in love? This film is about falling in love with someone, with yourself, with your environment and with a Vespa scooter.

What I need from you:

Funds. This film is completely independent but we need your help to make it. Here are a few ways that you can help:

1. Go here ( and click on Meisner). You will see section that says "Make a donation to the film." This is a Paypal account set up just for the film. When you fill out your information for the transaction we will send you an invoice. In the event the film makes an abundance of money, you will get back every penny that you paid into the film. Also, you will have your name in the credits regardless of the film making a big big profit or not.

2. Take my class. If you take my last class in Memphis you will get a great experience as well as assist in funding of the film. Each student will get an invoice so that if the movie makes an abundance of money he or she will receive what was paid for the class. How do you sign up for my class, and where can you learn more? Go here ( and click on Meisner) and all the information is there for your enjoyment.

3. Come to our first fundraiser July 29th at 8 pm at Otherlands coffee shop. Amy LaVere will be performing as well as other guests to be announced. We will also have art to auction off.

4. Make art for us to auction off at our fundraiser. Please! If you make art and it gets bought we will give you an invoice of the amount you would have sold it for and in the event the film makes a lot of money you will be paid the amount of the art you donated. Also your name will be in the credits.

5. Make a short film or a trailer for the Indie Memphis Film Festival and we will show it at our fundraiser.

6. Tell someone about the film, the fundraiser, the class.

: ) Amber O'Daniels