Monday, February 25, 2008

Casting for indie short

Patrick Cox ('The Book of Noah') is casting for a short film. He is seeking:

--young white girl between 7and 9. preferably blonde and thin
--young mother - 22-30- attractive blond -requires brief nudity
--priest- white male mid 50's

there will be other roles for all types. send head shots and contact info to

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Location: Memphis DVD release party

The Memphis International Film Festival celebrates their new name, On Location: MEMPHIS, and the release of their first DVD featuring short films from the 2007 festival.

When: Tuesday, February, 26, 8 pm
Where: Dan McGuinness, 4698 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117
What: On Location: Memphis DVD Release and Sneak Peek Party
Who: All film lovers, trivia experts, and people who like to have a great time! (no cover charge!!)
Join us for trivia night, the celebration of our new name and DVD release and get a sneak peek at this year's festival scheduled for March 27-30!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Micro Cinema Wednesday

Indie Memphis,
a project of Delta Axis, presents Micro Cinema Club #37 The Go Organic Tour by Rural Route Films Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m. at Power House Memphis.

Admission is free, donations are appreciated .

Power House Memphis is located at 45 G.E. Patterson, between Main & Front Streets.

You are what you eat…so you’d better start paying attention to what exactly that is. These films provide a refreshing education on the current state of agriculture, and point out positive sustainable and organic practices that you can take part in. Includes Ladies of the Land, Academy Award Winner for Best Student Documentary. The Meatrix and Frankensteer expose the ways of unethical farming, while others provide us with role models through CSAs, Cuban community, sustainable lemon farms, organic choices, and a new wave of female farmers leading the way.

Monday, February 11, 2008

ArtsMemphis project for filmmakers

Pat Worley at ArtsMemphis sends this:

We have only a few weeks left before the deadline. Anyone can submit and there are no guidelines on film/video format or anything. We just want to get material on the different arts themes in Memphis.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Acting for children next weekend

I'm reposting this item for an acting workshop for children at the request of Leslie and Hailey Anne Nelson: "Judy Savage owner of the Los Angles talent agency has been Hailey Anne's agent for many years now. We fully endorse this class. Judy will be spending one on one time with each child. She will answer parent questions, holding mock auditions, listening to monologues to name a few. Make sure to tell them Leslie sent you!"
-Ms. Leslie K. Nelson
-Hailey Anne Nelson

Auditions for new Mark Jones project

Auditions for a new project by Mark Jones. Sunday, Feb. 17, 2-4 PM at Media Co-op (First Congo Church on South Cooper) Please bring a head shot and resume.

This project is a five episode series to be broadcast on the web. Its a murder mystery -- a bride is shot on her wedding day.

Other projects by Mark Jones include, "Eli Parker Is Getting Married?" and "Fraternity Massacre At Hell Island."

"The Film Class That Fell to Earth"

John Beifuss writes about John Michael McCarthy's upcoming film class at Memphis College of Art. This is a great opportunity for filmmakers, to learn from a top indie master and wizard of pop culture.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Valentine Shredders

Fredric Koeppel in today's Playbook was kind enough to comment on my contribution to the 2008 Works of Heart auction for the Memphis Child Advocacy Center. The work also includes music from the amazing Amy LaVere -- her "Cupid's Arrow" from the Anchors & Anvils album (Archer Records):

... Or take "Valentine Shredders," by Jon W. Sparks, a work that's probably the most anti-romantic in the exhibition. A small valise holds a portable digital videodisc player; the valise rests on the shattered remnants of the original wooden heart. The four-minute film depicts two attractive young women sitting at a table, feeding their Valentine cards and roses into a small leaf-shredder. In goes a rose. Grrrr-fffftttt! Out spew the scraps. In goes a card. Grrrr-fffftttt! Out spew the shreds. Take that, love and romance!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

'Valentine Shredders'

My film/contraption "Valentine Shredders" is one of the works that will be bid on Saturday (2-9) at the 2008 Works of Heart Auction for the Memphis Child Advocacy Center. A four-minute video is screened on a portable DVD player placed inside a small red Lithuanian valise. Tucked in with the player are the sentimental remnants of a failed love affair that have been run through a leaf shredder.

The shredding is depicted in the video that stars local actors Kelly Cox and Nancy Ellen Mills. The music on the video is "Cupid's Arrow" by Memphis singer Amy LaVere from her latest album "Anchors & Anvils" on the Archer Records label. The valise and its contents are attached to a wooden platform that also has the shredded remains of the wooden heart provided to artists participating in the charity event.

It's on display to the public in the lobby of Memphis College of Art through Friday.

The Memphis Child Advocacy Center helps abused kids and is about as worthy an organization as there ever was. More than 100 artists are participating (including a piece by my wife, Maritza Davila). If you want to bid on any of the hearts, the auction is Saturday at 6pm. Contact me if you want to participate.

Last Train to Memphis: transition




In the distance is a blazing sunset in the western sky as a steam locomotive chugs away from the camera. We hear a distant bellow from it's whistle as it heads into the distance. The camera zooms out and in the foreground we see a silhouette of a lone man standing on a train station platform. He raises his hand to give a hesitant wave.


A tear swells up in his eye as he reflects on all the wonderful memories that are leaving him behind.


The silhouetted man standing on the platform and the train, now far away, is heading into the sunset. A very faint whistle blows from the train. The camera fades to black.



After 7 short films, 1 feature film, a documentary film on the Memphis Belle, 16 one hour LTTM Shorts Fest television episodes, several joint projects with other production companies, and the recent premier of the Memphis Photo Gallery and Juke Box, the train's "Shorts Fest" has made it's last stop. Powers beyond our control have brought the production to a stop. What will remain? The web site will remain up for some time for everyones viewing enjoyment and for promotion of Memphis indie film, filmmakers and actors. Older episodes of LTTM's Shorts Fest will remain indefinitely in re-runs on WYPL. Minor productions by LTTM will appear off and on, but we are concentrating efforts on our major feature film "5 Shots". The Memphis Film Collection will always continue, but submitting has changed. The library still wants 2 DVD's plus any other materials for the collection (which has really been growing). Take everything to the 4th floor and go to the main desk. Ask for Patrick O'Daniel, he is the one in charge of the collection. Hopefully LTTM has been a great asset and will be remembered for sometime as a promoter of Memphis Indie Film. We appreciate all the great people who contributed to Last Train to Memphis Entertainment. All films that have not been aired will be kept for a hopeful future episode.

PS - The shorts fest had a lot of fans, and we know we will get a lot of people wanting to know why the demise of the shorts fest. All we can say is send email's to council members, library management, local officials, news media and mayors. Also read the Memphis Flyer article for this last week......

Be sure to send this to anyone concerned. This will only be posted on MySpace and the LTTM web site.

Fest volunteers needed

On Location: Memphis - the international film fest is looking for some "cast and crew" - If you are interested in volunteering for this year's film fest, March 27-30, 2008, please visit our website and complete the volunteer application:

On Location: Memphis Int'l Film Fest DVD Release Party

On Location: Memphis DVD Release Party - join us for the celebration of our new name and the release of our Film Festival Highlight DVD and Trivia Night! Free Admission! Free T-shirts! Free Posters!
When: Tuesday, February 26, 2008, 8 pm
Where: Dan McGuiness Pub - 4698 Spottswood Memphis, TN 38119
Be the first to purchase your 2008 OLM Festival Pass!
need more

Indie rock and Candace art

Memphis Belle - LTTM

After having two local television stations tell us they would air our Memphis Belle doc if we cut out all the content that makes Memphis look bad, and being turned down by MIFF, we decided to return to our first instincts and post the documentary on YouTube for all to see. As filmmakers we LOVE YouTube! It puts the power back in the hands of the people. The filmmaker controls his own destiny, and you the viewer get to see what you want to watch, not what someone else thinks you would like to watch.

The Memphis Belle- The Final Chapter in Memphis doesn't paint a pretty picture of the city of Memphis, and we knew it would be a hard sell. (We did lose one of the most famous airplanes in the world because of lack of public support.) But for those long time Memphians who grew up with the plane for it's 60 years stay in Memphis, it will be a trip down memory lane as you get to see old photographs that we dug up from old archives and hear the stories of the Memphis Belle told by the last volunteers before it was removed from the possession of Memphis.

and Memphis lost yet another icon......

for more info:

The videos:

V. cool creativity workshop (Little Rock)

From Suzi:

The Abbreviated Creative Juices 101 Workshop for Short Attention Spans

If you missed the first Creative Juices 101 Workshop, you missed a lot of creativity flowing through the room.

Some of you mentioned that you just didn't think you could focus for four hours especially on a cold winter morning. So...I've decided to accomodate you and create a shorter version of the workshop during the afternoon. This is the perfect workshop if you want to jumpstart your creativity for journaling, blogging, starting that novel or short story or even a non-fiction project.

What: The Abbreviated Creative Juices 101 Workshop for Short Attention Spans

Who: Suzi Parker, journalist and author of "Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt" and "1000 Best Bartender's Recipes"

When: Feb. 9, 1-3.30 p.m.

Where: Sierra Club Office (1308 West 2nd Street, at the corner of 2nd & Victory, Little Rock)

Why: To learn about the creative process and jumpstart your creativity with exercises

How Much: $25

Registration is limited. To register, email Suzi Parker at for more information.

Talent/casting workshop

Hey Film Actors and Actresses and aspiring ones!

There will be a talent/casting workshop on Saturday, Feb. 9 at The
Malco Oxford Studio Cinema (Screen 3) at 5 pm. Check out more
information about it at

Extras for Feb. 16

Lots of extras needed for Feb. 16th in the morning for the movie Frayed in Collierville. If you would like to be an extra please e-mail

Acting workshop for adults

Playhouse 51, Millington's Community Theatre is hosting an
Adult Acting Workshop
(Ages 16 & up)
Saturday, February 9, 2008
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
at The Millington Civic Center
8077 Wilkinsville Road
Millington, TN 38053
Mr. Ken Zimmerman, renowned actor, director and teacher will be covering a wide variety of topics
that will be of interest to anyone interested in exploring their Stage Craft.
The workshop is free to Playhouse 51 members and $20 for non-members.
Lunch will be provided and is included in the cost of the workshop.
For more information and to pre-registration, email:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Local indie 'Somerville' screening

The University of Memphis will host the premiere of the film
Somerville on Friday, February 8, at 5:30 p.m. in The Zone at the
FedEx Institute of Technology. A second showing will follow at
7:45 p.m. Both showings are open to the public.

The film was directed by Dr. Larry Moore, associate professor of
business law in the Fogelman College of Business & Economics at the
U of M.

Somerville follows the lives of residents in a quiet Southern town
just before Christmas. Over an eight-day period, what appears to be
an uneventful holiday turns into something much more.

Tickets are $5 and are available at the FedEx Institute from 8 a.m.
to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or at the door at the time of
the showings.

For more information, call 901-678-4624.

Automusik on DVD

Coming soon: Automusik Can Do No Wrong on DVD!

Filmmakers: Take this course

Filmmakers who want to expand their talents and blow the minds of their viewers should consider taking "The Film Class that Fell to Earth," a class/creative experience shepherded by the Godfather of local indie films, John Michael McCarthy.

Here's his web site.

Here's info on the course.

The class meets on six Tuesdays from 6-9 pm between Feb. 18 and April 3. If you do it right, you will work your cinematic ass off and learn from the Master of American Popular Culture as you create a rock and roll film (not a music video). Cost is $270 (that comes out to an amazingly cheap $15 per class hour). Maybe half a dozen slots left.


House needed for film

Slacker Central Productions is looking for a house. Our
newest production "Frayed" takes place a majority of the time in a
suburban house. We would shoot 5 out of 6 days there, dates including
Feb 16, 23, 24, and Mar 1 and 2.

Description: Run of the mill suburban home, preferably single story
ranch-style with a large living room and kitchen. We also need a
bedroom that can be stripped easily to bare essentials (bed and
dresser) with no wild colors on the walls. And would like but don't
require a little boys room.

Along with the dates mentioned, the only other thing required of the
homeowners would be that the house is kept clean or cleaned up for the
shoot. It's written that it's kept pretty clean and picked up. (Not
obsessively so... just clean)

PLEASE let us know if you or anyone you know has a house that fits the
bill. OR, if you're a real estate person with a furnished rental house
or something, let us know at

Delta film scores at Sundance

From Variety:

IFC Films is the victor in the battle for “Ballast,” winner of the director and cinematography prizes at Sundance.

North American rights were scooped up by IFC in what was described as “a six-figure deal plus gross participation and a real P&A commitment,” according to one of the dealmakers.

Pic, the feature-helming debut of visual f/x artist Lance Hammer, had three other bidders.

IFC will put “Ballast” through its “day-and-date” pipeline, which incorporates theatrical, VOD and cable distribution.

The Mississippi Delta-set film features first-time thesps Micheal J. Smith Sr., JimMyron Ross and Tarra Riggs, as well as Johnny McPhail.

Oxford Film Fest this week

The Oxford Film Festival kicks off tomorrow. Here's the schedule. Note that "The Book of Noah" is screening Friday.

Casting call Saturday

From DeAara Lewis:

We will be having an open casting call this weekend for the Horror Trilogy scheduled to go into production this Spring/Summer. The directors are Rod Pitts ("What Goes Around"), Keenon Nikita ("Just the Two of Us") and DeAara Lewis ("Tricks.").

Saturday, February 9, 2008 at the University of Memphis' Black Box Theatre in the Theatre Building from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

This will be a cold reading audition.

Look forward to seeing you there.

DeAara Lewis