Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kudos for "The Book of Noah"

"The Book of Noah," the Memphis-made indie about a dogknapper finding purpose in life, won a prestigious Spirit of Independence Award for Originality at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, one of the country's top film festivals according to Movie Maker Magazine!

Other films chosen as winners include films featuring Tim Curry, DB Sweeney, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the directorial debut of Mary Stewart Masterson! Total, the festival gives out only 25 awards to split between 190 or so films.

Writer/Director Drew Smith was ecstatic about the accolade: "To be chosen for one of the awards at such a huge film festival is an awesome honor! We're so thankful for everyone's support, and the way that our little movie was embraced by everyone down at Ft. Lauderdale. Gregory (President and CEO) and the entire staff of FLIFF made us feel like we were stars. We felt incredibly special, and want to thank them for everything."

To see the full list of winners at this years FLIFF, click the link following link, or copy it into your browser:

To go The Book of Noah's website, visit either or .

"The Book of Noah" is about a dogknapper financing a romantic weekend for the girl of his dreams has his efforts hampered by her ex-boyfriend and a leg breaker, as all four struggle to move on with their lives as they transition into true adulthood. Big plans end up a big mess in this dark dramatic comedy about knowing who you are, changing what you don't like, and being happy with it.

press coverage:
"...about a gentle giant of an unlucky professional dog-napper played by Patrick Cox, in one of (Indie Memphis') standout performances."-John Beifuss, The Commercial Appeal.

"Imagine The Book of Noah's Paul and Noah as alternate-reality, less zany, more real-world versions of Jay and Silent Bob ... (The complex plot's) threads unspool in orderly fashion and with a comic touch that'll leave you engaged and entertained. In a strong performance, Drew Smith gives off a slight Dane Cook vibe..."- Greg Akers, The Memphis Flyer.

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