Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Actors needed -- paying job

The University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center will be holding
final exams for its first and second-years students in March and April.

If you have a few days open, you can earn $12.00 per hour acting as
if you were a patient with a minor illness. You'll be given a persona
and scenario to follow, be working in an examining room where the
almost-doctors will perform routine physical examinations -- pulse,
blood pressure, eye-ear-nose exam and such -- and take an oral
history. Adults only -- no children -- with age unimportant.

Training day and rehearsal (paid hourly) Thursday 13 March 10a-4p
Exam days M-T-W March 17,18,19... 8a-4p

Trainin day and rehearsal (paid hourly) Thursday 3 April 10a-4p
Exam days T-W-T April 8, 9, 10 8a-4p

Passs the word to your fellow starving actors; it's easy work in a
nice environment, the coffee pot is always on, breakfast snacks and
an afternoon snack are provided (lunch is on you), and there's lots
of bottled water and soft drinks in the small refrigerator.

Contact Jennifer Ware : jware@utmem.edu

Sign up before the roster is full. She only needs 24 actors, and has a
dozen regulars already booked. You can sign up for either of the
sessions -- or for both.

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