Saturday, December 20, 2008

NBTT - coming to Memphis, we hope...

It looks like "Nothing But the Truth" will have a screening in Memphis in late January, maybe. But other than opening this weekend in NY and LA, it may not get national distribution in theaters. Here's an excerpt from John Beifuss' story in the CA:

"Nothing But the Truth" -- the Washington-set political drama with an all-star cast that was shot in Memphis -- begins with an assassination attempt.

Now, the movie itself is fighting for its life -- at least as a theatrical release.

"Nothing But the Truth" was supposed to demonstrate Memphis' potential as a viable location for all types of movies.

But the film -- which opened this week in three theaters in New York and Los Angeles to qualify for the Oscars -- is being pulled from distribution, thanks to the bankruptcy of its production company, writer-director Rod Lurie said Friday.

However, Lurie and Linn Sitler, Memphis and Shelby County film & television commissioner, are planning a special screening of "Nothing But the Truth" in Memphis, probably in late January.

Read the full story here.

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