Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bearden's 'One Came Home' wraps shooting

John Beifuss writes in The Commercial Appeal about the Willie Bearden-directed film "One Came Home" that just finished shooting in the Mid-South. Here's an excerpt:

Scripted by Bearden and Memphis writer David Tankersley, “One Came Home” is the story of a con artist who takes advantage of a proper Mississippi family by pretending to be the wartime buddy of the family’s son, who was killed in combat in Europe.

“One Came Home” was produced with what Bearden called a “core” crew of about 25 people. Some scenes — including a church service and a traditional Southern outdoor party — required 30 to 40 extras.

A longtime filmmaker and event producer, Bearden makes a living creating commercials, corporate and educational films (for the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum in Tupelo and the Cotton Museum in Downtown Memphis, among other clients), and by staging such productions as the annual Blues Music Awards.

“I’ve always said my job is to make sure I have a balance between art and technology. The craft of filmmaking is leading your viewers to exactly what you want them to see, and, hopefully, to what you want them to feel.”

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