Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Casting opportunities

Thanks to Vince Moore for sending us this info. The actor/writer/filmmaker also has a blog you should check out.

We have began preproduction on the independent film "Drug Related" to be shot in Memphis late spring/summer. There are several "speaking" roles that need to be filled. We will also need lots of background actors as well.

"Drug Related" is a fast-paced cop genre film that tells the story of a team of undercover narcotics officers and their quest to bring to justice those responsible for the death of one of their fellow officers. It also deals with the interpersonal relationships of the unit, and how the work affects them and their relationships.

We will have two casting calls in March, stay tuned for the exact date. It will be announced on this site, as well as the news, and the site of the TN film commission. Stay tuned for the announcement of the casting call. for further information feel free to email me at

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