Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Curbside Confessions: audition update

From Arnold Edwards II:

We will be tentatively holding a second audition on Saturday February 25th to accommodate the many people unable to attend the audition last Saturday due to snow. Once we secure a location we will be sending an update on the location and time. The tentative location at the moment will be in the Bartlett area.

On the same date and location we will be having call backs later in the day. Again we will be updating the location and time soon.

If you were unable to attend the audition this weekend and would like to attend the following audition please contact us via email ( informing us of your intent to audition. This will not be an open call. We will be giving everyone scheduled times for the audition. If we have not heard from you we will not be able to accommodate your needs.

If you do not attend an audition you will not be held in consideration for the project. We feel that casting someone for a role that has not auditioned would be disrespectful to the many that have/will audition.

There will be a few hour gap between the last audition and the first scheduled call back. If anyone will be coming from out of town to attend the audition please remind us so that we may schedule you towards the end of the auditions and beginning of the call backs, in order to limit your down time in between.

If you are not asked to attend a call back please do NOT assume this means we will not be working with you and/or you will not be receiving a worthy role. Thankfully due to the nature of the project we will be able to accommodate many actors.

If anyone who has auditioned would like to request an additional audition let us know. The probability of being able to do so will weigh upon the number of actors who will be auditioning for the first time on the 25th. If we have time to fit second auditions in we will do so.

If you have not filled out one of our audition bios please let us know.

Arnold Edwards II
Cowboy Up Productions

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