Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Indie premieres Saturday

"Broken Esteem" was written and co-directed by Lynda Ingram with direction assistance provided by Timm Scalita.

"Broken Esteem" is about a 16-year-old girl, Brenda (Britney Card), who is being abused by her parents, but loved them so much that she would not confide in anyone about the abuse. She is saved by her little brother Dwain (Kai Tutor), Aunt Ginnie Mae (Brenda Card) and Uncle Zack (Timm Scalita).

Ernie Salera (Jonathan Jones) has appeared in three film projects, the 20th Century Fox pilot "Southern Comfort" with executive producer Ken Topolsky, and "The Garden" (an independent film shot April 2006). Salera has also modeled in the Memphis Bridal Show. His training consists of improvisation, commercials, and scene study (Lisa Lax Actors Studio).

Brenda Card (Aunt Ginnie Mae) resume includes two FM100 commercials, a featured extra in "Forty Shades of Blue" and “Beverly Hills 90210," and supporting actress in "Just the Two of Us", and "Chosen."

Brittney Card (Brenda) previous works include three modeling shows with John Robert Powers in the Mid-South Wedding Show, cover work on two "Little House on the Prairie" books scheduled for release in 2007, and acting as an extra in "Just the Two of Us" before landing the leading roll in “Broken Esteem.”

Raine Hicks (Margaret Jones) is a teacher in the Memphis City School System and has played many roles in the theaters including Fairy Godmother in “Cinderella” at Playhouse on the Square, Dina in “Schoolhouse Rock Live!” at Circuit Playhouse, and Magenta in “Rocky Horror Show” at Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA. "Broken Esteem" is her debut into film playing Brenda's abusive mother.

Siblings Quin (Jon Jon), Kai (Dwain), and Daisye (Stephanie) Tutor are a bundle of talent. All three played students in "21Grams," a major motion picture filmed in Memphis and directed by Alejandro Inarritu. Both brothers played students in "Southern Comfort" directed by Greg Yaitanes. Quin Tutor was also featured in "Protecting the Source" where he played the lead role of Johnny. Daisye Tutor’s resume includes work on "Black Snake Moan" and commercials for Hilton Hotels and St. Jude Hospital.

Director/Actor Timm Scalita (Uncle Zack) is a Memphis filmmaker that took time out of his own projects to assist with this film. He is currently working on another film "The Love of Angels."

C. M. Byerly provided the soundtrack and editing talent for this film.

Writer/Director Lynda Ingram whose previous films include "On Our Way" (a Warner Brothers Studio production directed by Frank Von Zerneck), a movie pilot "Son of Shaft", and two music videos "My Head's in Mississippi" ZZ Top and "Charge of the Light Brigade" Degarmo and Key. Ingram has been writing for years, and recently met Morgan Fox of the Media Co-op. Ingram credits Fox for giving her the “confidence that [she] could make [her] dream come true.”

This film is set to premier at Otherlands Coffee Bar at 8:00 PM on July 29, 2006.


Anonymous said...

I've seen "Broken Esteem" on myspace film, I hope it's going to be a full length movie because it's a very good short film on a subject matter that we need to address. Where can I buy it, and I hope to see other films from her in the near future. I think she's going to be one of Memphis's top filmmakers. "You go girl"

Anonymous said...

If you saw it on myspace, leave a message with you name, address, and phone number. They can and will send copies to people that request them.