Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Silent film contest/festival

In celebration of the 13th year of the Pine Bluff Film Festival, Old Town Theatres Centre, Inc. is going to be doing something quite different - we will be staging our very first Silent Film Contest - Silents are Golden.

Now what on earth is that you ask? Quite simple. We believe that Silent Films are an integral part of our cultural heritage - and what better way to learn how to make a film and to celebrate our past than to make one without sound!

The contest is open to everyone. The only stipulation is that the film be silent - no dialogue whatsoever.

It can be a comedy (ala Chaplin, Keaton, etc.), or historical drama (like Griffith or DeMille), perhaps you'd rather present a simple romance, or a documentary - frankly, it can be a completely modern and contemporary statement - anything goes - except for sound! Don't think you can do it? Well, we're betting you can.

Now don't think you have to mimic a silent film of the past (though you most certainly can!) - open up your imagination and let us see what you can do. We think you'll surprise yourself once you start to plan your film.

So, whether you're a seasoned film-maker, or someone who just always dreamed of making a film - here's your chance to do something unique! The Top 5 films will be shown at The Community Theatre on the last day of the Festival (October, 2006 - exact dates to be determined soon).

There Are No Entry Fees


* Films MUST be silent - music and limited sound effects only will be permitted. Title Cards are optional of course.
* Films can be of any duration
* Films can be of any subject matter
* Films can be color or black & white
* Entries must be received by us no later than September 9th , 2006.
* The films must be presented on either VHS or DVD (though you can shoot it in any format, including film, that you wish).
* Films must have appropriate credits and copyrights.
* Entries must include a signed release form (we will e-mail this to you).
* Entries must include a biography of the film-maker(s) as well as any additional credits or press materials you may wish to present.

Films chosen to be screened at the festival will all receive a Special Certificate of Participation and other goodies (to be determined).

Old Town Theatres Centre Inc., will not be able to return any entries - so make sure you have another copy! Please don't send us one-of-a-kind original material. We are not responsible for insurance or other fees, or for lost or misplaced materials.

Chosen participants must provide for their own transportation and accommodations for the Festival if they choose to attend.

For Entry Forms and additional information please e-mail us at:

Old Town Theatres Centre, Inc.
PO Box 9258
Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71611
Old Town Theatres Centre, Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation.


Anonymous said...

It's very interesting how the south loves those old movies, old ways old ideas.
Trying to hold on to the past, they are killing their future. Change is happening.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it is not an issue of the south holding onto the past, but appreciating what is good in film arts. Silent films and "old" films are loved everywhere in the world...and held in high esteem - festivals all over the world celebrate them. The Silents are Golden aspect of the Pine Bluff Film Festival was the creation actually of New York and Los Angeles film makers, who use whatever forum allows them to present and preserve what is good in the arts. In this case it is the PBFF which is allowing this to take place. The political and social institutions of the south are not something I will adress here, as they have no relevence to the Festival. The Festival celebrates film history...which belongs to all of us.