Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Casting Friday for 'Blueberry Nights'

From Lisa Lax:

Casting this Friday, August 4th from 10am-2pm & 3pm-8pm for Blueberry Nights!
A feature film shooting in Memphis August 10th-21st with Rachel Weisz, Norah Jones & David Strathairn.

I need Police officer types to get with me right away!

Location: Crossway Fellowship Hall
2633 Altruria Rd. Bartlett, TN 38134 (Do not call the church for directions!)

Your headshots and photo's are no good for me, the director has requested that I take current digitals on all my choices for the film. I need everyone to come out!

There are speaking parts now! For these roles email me for an appointment at:

Waitress-pretty African-American woman in her late 20's-30's-gossipy type
Gas station attendant
Bar owner-Rugged male-with a Silent knowledge
Restaurant owner

All adult movie so far.......
I need Police officers and EMTs from actors
I need great character faces of all types-long hair, older bluesy looking males.

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