Saturday, August 19, 2006

Film incentives update

Here's a note from Linn Sitler on the status of the film incentives. This was posted on the Yahoo MidsouthFilm group and you should join it -- it's free.
As the film incentive program has developed since the enabling legislation passed in May, the state has become seriously aware of the fact that the fund is limited to $10 million in non-reoccuring funds to be used in one year. As you can imagine, there are innumerable worthwhile projects from which to select...projects with maximum Tennessee hires and Tennessee economic impact...projects whose producers have been waiting to see if our legislation would pass. No selections have been made yet, but unfortunately it is already clear there will not be enough money to go around.

Perhaps next year, if The General Assembly passes incentive legislation with re-occurring funds -- funds available every year -- we could then launch a full marketing campaign to make the industry even more aware of what would then be an on-going incentive fund. I feel sure that the careful thought and planning that is going into this year's selection will result in some great films for Tennessee, and, most importantly for us, Memphis. :)

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