Sunday, September 03, 2006

Casting notice

I'm passing on this note from Lindsey Roberts:

I have been lucky enough to

help out with the casting for the project described
below. It's going to be tons of fun and the pay is
really great. Below you will find the following
information: a breakdown of characters,
director/producer info, pay amount, shoot dates, and
all the necessary info you will need regarding the
filming of this pilot.

The talent pool in Memphis is so amazing, I just know
we can cast most of these characters using the
extraordinary actors in this city. The only character
that has been pre-cast is Nester. An actor in New
York will be coming in to play that part. The others
are wide open, so come on down.

This is happening very fast, so I will need all of
your submissions ASAP. We will be casting on
auditions will be held at 1460 Madison Avenue in
Midtown, Memphis. This means I have to receive your
headshot and resume no later than TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER

Preferred way is to email to

Or you can drop them off first thing Tuesday at Playhouse on the Square,
51 South Cooper. We are open from 8 am to 5 pm. Playhouse phone
is 725-0776.

Once I have received your submission, I will call you
to set up your individual audition time. We are going
to schedule appointments in 10 minute increments. If
there are better times during the day for you, please
specify and give me all the availability options that
you have (of course there is no guarantee, but I will
do what I can). I also have sides for all of the
characters we are casting, so I will get those to
individuals as I set up your audition time. You can let me
know if you have a character preference. I would
prefer to send them via email. If this is a problem,
please let me know.

All the info you need is below, but please do not
hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. If
the characters say 3x's or 6x's beside it, that's how
many actors they are looking for with regards to that
role. Break a leg everyone - it's gonna be a blast.
I can't wait to see all of you on Wednesday.

[Title of project removed on 10-2-06 at request of producers]

Memphis Local Casting

Independent Internet Video Pilot
Director: Kirt Gunn
Producer: Greg Schultz
Production Coordinator: Sharon Bicks
Casting Coordinator: Lindsey Roberts

AFTRA and Local Actor Pay Rate
$425/12 hours
Session fee includes one year internet buyout.
No agent fee.
Shoot Location: Memphis
Shoot Dates: 9/14-16 & 9/18-22

6 x Documentary Interviewees
Academics, Pundits, Researchers, Historians - in their
60s and up, all ethnicities, 75% men, 25% women. Can
be conventional or very eccentric looking.

Think of the experts from the Ken Burns documentary on
The Civil War.

All Sexes and Ethnicities.

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