Tuesday, December 19, 2006

LFF Thanks!

Thanks to all who came out and supported the Li'l Film Festival 4 on Saturday. Independent filmmaking in the Mid-South relies on all of you.

Special thanks to star Amber O'Daniels who is utterly amazing. And another special thanks to her co-star, the fully reliable Markus 'King Indie' Seaberry who is second to nobody in his love and dedication to films and filmmaking. And further thanks to the supporting cast and my family for large amounts of indulgence.

Let us also heap praise on LiveFromMemphis.com which created and sustains not only Li'l Film Fest but is committed to making the most of the creative class in this region. And of course the hard-working Shelby County Film and TV Commission -- Linn and Sharon -- deserve kudos for being there and nurturing the spirit.

So OK, but what's next.

Hey, don't rush me, I'm working on it.

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sarah said...

hey jon - can you email a 300 dpi of that picture?