Friday, December 01, 2006

Thanks and oops

Thanks to those hardy souls who came to the screening of Memphis Muck and the incredible 2006 Music Video collection produced by Live From Memphis. I apologize again for the technical snafu that only let us see about two thirds of the Muck doc. The software and hardware perpetrators are being tried in a sham court and will be executed immediately upon sentencing.

Very special thanks to Christopher Reyes and Sarah Fleming of Live From Memphis for providing the Music Videos that were screened last month at the Indie Memphis Film Festival. You can see those videos here, but there was nothing like seeing them on the semi-big screen at the MeDiA Co-op. Directors John Michael McCarthy, Christopher Reyes, Clayton Hurley, Banner Gwin and Waheed alQawasmi were among several contributing work that was innovative, startling and memorable.

Another significant thank you to the MeDiA Co-op for being what it is. It provides space and resources for film makers and film lovers. It's been an essential part of the Memphis indie movie community and deserves your support (especially the financial kind).

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