Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Reality show for the outrageous: That you?

Producers of a reality show in development are looking for people (18 years+) with extreme views, extreme lifestyles and everything in between for a chance to win big bucks.

Read the following and if you fit the description, email the address below. Don't wait around -- auditions will be held quickly.

Do you have strong opinions and are not afraid to stand up for your beliefs? Are you falsely judged by your appearance? Do others find you too conservative or too liberal? Are you an amazing judge of character?

The International Emmy Award-winning WITHOUT PREJUDICE? is being produced for the North American audience. One of the most provocative shows to hit the air anywhere, WITHOUT PREJUDICE? features a panel of ordinary people who are given the chance to improve the course of someone's life by awarding one of five contestants a large sum of money. Contestants vie for the money by opening up their lives for examination by the panel.

The show, from the producers of The Weakest Link, is described in press materials this way:

The 5 people hoping to be given the money do not have to answer any quiz questions, eat any disgusting vile foods, race around the world, live in house with degenerates or jump out of a plane to prove themselves worthy. Instead, the panel of 5 will determine who gets the cash simply by hearing information about each contestant's life and deciding who they like the most.

They will hear all about each contestants beliefs, family status, salary and occupation….they will also be shown photographs and interview the hopefuls which will all go towards building a case for each contestant to win the money.

However, there will be no sob-stories – this isn't about being the most deserving.

Instead, it's about the panel themselves and how they reveal their prejudices through their judgments.

Would the panel rather give the cash to a man or a woman? To a Jehovah's Witness or an agnostic? To a gay person or a straight person? To someone who believes in the death penalty or someone who is anti-abortion? To a mother of 5 kids living on welfare or a self-made businessman? To a republican or democrat? To someone fit or someone who's clearly not?

Looking for the following types but not limited to:

hippie/alternative lifestyle
obsessed with plastic surgery
in an open marriage
war veteran/military
psychic healer
little person
real cowboy
body art/piercings
married gay man/woman with children
Native American
Vegas Showgirl
Gun club member
Orthodox Religion

Strong beliefs/opinions may include:

Death penalty
Lesbian/Gay Marriages
Gay Adoption
Animal rights
Global Warming
Stem Cell Research
Inner racial relationships/dating

In the email please include the following:
Your Name
Your Age
Your Contact Information
A recent photograph
A short bio including your type and beliefs

TO APPLY email us at: castingstory@yahoo.com

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