Monday, April 09, 2007

'Grim Sweeper' on April 19

The Memphis indie film Grim Sweeper will play at Malco's Studio on the Square in Midtown Memphis on Thursday April 19th.

This was screened at last year's Indie Memphis Film Festival and the place was packed. It's a highly entertaining feature by a group of University of Memphis grads and well worth your time. And I'm not saying this just because I'm in it.

There will be TWO screenings that night.

1st Screening at 7:10 PM

2nd Screening at 9:35 PM

Tickets are $6 and are sure to go fast so make sure you buy them in time. We will be handling ticket sales ourselves so do not contact Malco about advance ticket sales. You can however email us at about buying advance tickets.

Collectible limited edition Grim Sweeper t-shirts will also be on sale for $10! All the cool kids have em! You should too! Proceeds will help fund Corduroy Wednesday's latest film project. (If ya buy a shirt, I'll let you in on the goods about the next film!)

See ya Thursday April 19th and spread the word loyal Sweepers!!!

Blood, brain, guts, and stains, and even a little bit of skull, the police and coroner have come and gone but who's going to clean up this mess? Grim Sweeper, that's who.

Hal Ridley and Rod Azner are the guys that do the dirty work. They make those stubborn bloodstains disappear. They pick up every piece of mangled flesh, bloodied organ, and shattered bone. You wouldn't even know a triple homicide took place after these guys get done. Day in and day out Hal & Rod face grieving families, disgusting locations, and awkward scenarios. One day the boys are called to clean up a shotgun suicide. Hal meets the victim's sister, Leslie Howard, and the two start dating. But can love really be found in the aftermath of death?

Enjoy the trailer:

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