Sunday, August 05, 2007

Casting for local indie

I had written about doing a series a while back and we are getting ready to film a short to get some more interest (money) behind it.

However, there are only three speaking parts available and we will know about extras as we story board. I need to let you know this on the front end. This is not a paying gig and the tape will be used in everything from a couple of contests as well to show investors to put up the money. You will get your own custom set of vampire fangs and something for your reel out of it (Except fangs for the yuppie). If the pitch is successful, then there might be a longer-term part out of it. This is not a full pilot episode, but may result in one.

Character: Roman
Ages: 35-45
Ethnicity/Race/ Gender: White Male
Size: Medium
Notes: Would prefer someone with darker hair and must have a really good
speaking voice as there are some voiceovers.

Character: Yuppie
Ages: 25-35
Ethnicity/Race/ Gender: Doesn’t Matter, you will be the victim.
Size: Doesn’t matter
Notes: This is a fodder part.

Character: Adam
Ages: 18-22
Ethnicity/Race/ Gender: White Male
Size: Slender
Notes: Need to know if you are allergic to any makeup.

Character: Beck
Ages: 25-35
Ethnicity/Race/ Gender: White Male
Size: Large/Overweight
Notes: Overweight is a must

Primary time of shoots: Night in mid to late August, Dates TBD

We will also need to know if you are allergic to water-based lubricant, food coloring, corn syrup, makeup, any adhesives, and latex. If you are interested, please e-mail me back at with your contact information, a headshot, and a reel if you have one. Please use “The Dead of Night” as the subject line, if not it will go to my spam box. There will
be a call back for a screen test.

Sorry, but we are not accepting any children’s information at this time. I know this one seems like slim pickings, but the full ensemble will be more diverse if this gets off the ground.

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