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Delta Axis this month

Please join us for our contemporary art and film programs this month.

Wednesday, August 8
Indie Memphis Micro Cinema Club #32
7:30 p.m.
Power House, 45 G.E. Patterson, between Main & Front Streets
Admission is free, donations are recommended

hi/lo film festival 2006 touring program
Originally organized in 1997 by the San Francisco production company and comedy collective Killing my Lobster the hi/lo film festival (high concept, low budget) has evolved into a major West Coat showcase for independent low-budget filmmakers. The hi/lo film festival continues to prove that big imaginations are more important than fat wallets.

The program features:
Pretty Things “Straight for a Minute” - Michael Lucid
For those times when gay guys need to go under cover it’s handy to have this instructional music video. 3 min.
Backseat Bingo - Liz Blazer
This illustrated documentary throws the spotlight on an array of aging horn dogs grappling with the crisis of mortality. 6 min.
Bartholomew's Song - Allison Welch, Lowell Frank and Destin Cretton
In a low-rent dystopia life has been reduced to the mindless stamping out of luxury items of the most useless sort. But in the spirit of Brazil and a Brave New World one automaton begins to sing his own song to heart breaking, if predictable, effect. 11min.
Honeycut “Tough Kid” – Arno Salters
Cardboard cityscapes and really dizzy rockers go for a spin in this revolutionary music video. 2 min. music video
A Bad Hair Day - Meesoo Lee
Echoing the Fresh Prince's pronouncement that parents just don't understand, a filmmaker visits his parents in Seoul for a week and fights a perennial battle pitting his own scruffy-doo against his father's perm. 7 min.
Lift Off - Terri Timely
An interstellar flipbook adventure takes off and travels the universe without ever leaving a restaurant counter. 50 seconds.
Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot – David Chai
A crash course in how to make lemonade out of lemons, or in this case, how to repurpose clumsiness for good and not evil. 7 min. animation
Let's Start Again - Charlie Tweed
If the Unabomber had a British sense of humor he might look like this...of course he'd also have to be about 16 and a lot more creative. Animals of the forests beware! 7 min.
Sprout and the Bean – Terri Timley
By matching the infectious and mercurial sounds made entirely from Ns. Newsom's voice and her harp to swirling and stunningly imaginative imagery the Terri Timely crews have done for Nevada City’s Joanna Newsom what Chris Cunningham had done for Bjork, (with a much smaller budget of course!). 3 min. music video
Tales of mere existence – Lev
San Francisco cartoonist and satirist Lev returns to hilo with 2 new episodes in his life-long chronicle of the socially awkward, the perpetually uncoordinated, and the sympathetically perplexed. 7 min. animation
Snakeman – John Inglis
A grizzly Australian snake-owner and the world’s sissiest cameraman square off in what could be the world’s worst idea for a short film. This is the film the folks at Animal Planet don’t want you to even think about. 7 min.
Under The Roller Coaster – Lila Place
Documentaries are successful because of a compelling character and the brassy, beer-swilling, chain-smoking woman at the center of this one is as riveting as they come. The fact that she lived most of her life in a house underneath a Coney Island rollercoaster is just gravy. 16 min.
The V Party – Michelle Dean
The nation’s foremost political consultants Warren Dinkly and Suzanne Agby present their can’t miss pitch to get apathetic voters pumped and ready for the party. 5 min.

Due to the variety of subject matter, which sometimes includes adult themes, some works may not be suitable for children; consequently, parents are asked to use their own discretion. For more information on the hi/lo film festival please visit

Saturday, August 18
Agents of Timbre
Closing reception 6-9 p.m.
Delta Axis @ Marshall Arts, 639 Marshall Avenue
Exhibition Dates: June 29-August 18, 2007
Gallery Hours: Saturdays 1-5 p.m. or by appointment
494-6543 or 679-6837

The mission of Delta Axis is to present contemporary art and film and link Memphis with global artistic communities.
Delta Axis receives generous support for Indie Memphis programs from the Greater Memphis Arts Council, Tennessee Arts Commission, the Memphis/Shelby County Film & Television Commission, the Tennessee Film Commission, the Goshorn Fund, and the Hohenberg Foundation.

Support for Power House and Delta Axis @ Marshall Arts is provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Hyde Family Foundations, Greater Memphis Arts Council, and Tennessee Arts Commission

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Presenting contemporary art and film to link Memphis with global artistic communities.

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