Friday, September 07, 2007

LTTM for September

We have a terrific line-up for the month of September including two '90's era films and a premiere for LTTM. Our host for this month is the girl with two first names, Jennifer Jill, the star of several local independent films.

The Films:

Blown - produced by Fine Grind Films originally shot in 1997 on Super8 film, Blown tells the story of Joe, a guy who is into "fast guns, cool cars, hot chicks, and Memphis rock-n-roll."
Blown Again - follows the continuing action-filled life of Joe, the rock-and-roll modern-day gangster. In this installment, Joe attempts to recover a briefcase full of money from a new gang - and this time the hot chicks aren't all on Joe's side. This film has more karate kicks, car chases and gun play than you could imagine can be squeezed into a quick 10 minutes.

The directors- Rick Venable, Michael Cruickshank, Kaleo Quenzer, and Will O'Loughlen

Last Gamble - started out as a University of Memphis student film and quickly escalated to an indie short during the summer of '95. At the time it was the most ambitious project of its kind. It was all shot on film and took three weekends to complete.

The directors- David Stotts and Tim Doyle

Music for Ending Credits:

Lost Highway performed by Nancy Apple and Leon Payne from the "River Road or Rail" album.

Bonus Film:

The Remarkable C.P.S. - directed by Ralph Lorenz.

This is a monthly schedule that begins tonight at 10:30 on WYPL TV-18. Check our site for the weekly line-up -

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