Tuesday, September 25, 2007

'Nobody' meets Dr. Phil

Local filmmakers/documentarians Alan Spearman and Lance Murphey screened their amazing doc "Nobody" last year at the Indie Memphis Film Festival where it won Best Documentary and the Kodak Tennessee Filmmaker's Award.

They share more news:

We have several exciting updates about our film Nobody.

You can now visit our updated website www.nobodythefilm.com and purchase the Nobody DVD using your credit card and PayPal. One dollar from every DVD sold will go to the Memphis First Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen.

Also on Thursday September 27th Jerry Bell, the subject of Nobody, will be featured on the Dr. Phil Show in an effort to patch up his relationship with his daughter. For the show time in your area go to http://www.drphil.com/shows/listing/. As Dr. Phil says, “Don’t miss this intense family reunion.”

We are reserving judgment about the show until we see it. Jerry’s daughter Kayla has some very intense emotions and opinions about our film, but has not seen it. She has even stronger emotions about her father. If you feel strongly about the film feel free to enter the discussion which will ensue Thursday on the Dr. Phil message board at http://www.drphil.com/ .

Please understand that this film is self-financed and distributed and we would really appreciate your help spreading the word about it to as many people as possible. Our new My Space page is located at http://www.myspace.com/nobodythefilm .


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Director LANCE MURPHEY! He presented himself with so much dignity on Dr. Phil and found Jerry so he could try and re-unite with his daughter, and took him all the way to the Dr Phil show! WOW! Jerry is a very very unique man and thank you Lance, for bringing this matter to light in your documentary, Nobody.
Jan Falk

Anonymous said...

Having just wathced Dr Phil, I hope that Jerry's duaghter is able to forgive Jerry for not being the father she wanted. I felt very sad for Jerry. I will definately be watching "Nobody".