Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Willie Bearden doc

Wednesday, June 18, 7:30 p.m.
Indie Memphis
The Chickasaw Group Sierra Club
Willy Bearden's
"Overton Park, A Century of Change"

Overton Park has been the stage for much of Memphis' history for over 100 years. In its earliest incarnation it was the shining jewel of the Progressive Movement in Memphis, it was the public's backyard and front porch. In its boundaries lies the only old growth forest to be found in any urban setting. By the 1960s, efforts by powerful federal and state government agencies nearly spelled its doom with a plan to split the park with an interstate highway system. "Overton Park, A Century of Change" is the story of the park's founding, its brush with disaster, and its renaissance. Filmmaker Willy Bearden will be on hand to discuss the film. Old Forest Steward and surveyor, Don Richardson, will discuss some of the threats still facing the Park after 100 years.

Admission is FREE!
Refreshments will be available
including Beer, Wine, Sodas, and Popcorn.
Donations are appreciated.
Power House Memphis
45 GE Patterson
(between Front St. & Main)
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

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