Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Live From Memphis @ Indie Memphis

62 films and 4 Days of Live From Memphis at the 12th Annual Indie Memphis Film Festival!!

Live From Memphis has been partnering with Indie Memphis since 2004, and this year that relationship has truly blossomed. Indie Memphis has reached out to us and we're hanging on for the ride. Please join us in a celebration of this long-lasting relationship at the following showcases all happening at Indie Memphis!! Flipside Memphis (part 2), 5th Annual Music Video Showcase, Li'l Film Fest 11: Musical Horror, and the Best of Li'l Film Fest 2009. We're also throwing the official Indie Memphis opening weekend (aka The Music Video Showcase After-party). There's just so much to celebrate :)

Flipside Memphis (part 2)
Friday, October 9th, 5:30pm at Studio on the Square
Runtime approx. 50 minutes

Flipside Memphis is a project produced by Live From Memphis in partnership with the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau. Initially developed as accompanying material for Craig Brewer's "$5 Cover," Flipside explores and exposes the real-life Memphis, by showcasing cool local talent, unique hang-outs, and all the stuff that is the heart of our city. These fifteen all-new episodes are being presented on the big screen for the first time.

River Arts Fest
Metal Museum
Central BBQ
New Daisy Theatre
Memphis Pops Festival
Zombies Attack!
Folk Alliance
Five in One
Rock For Love
Memphis Zoo
Paul Taylor
Live From Memphis

5th Annual Music Video Showcase
Saturday, October 10th, 7:30pm at Studio on the Square
Runtime approx. 80 minutes

First launched in 2005, the goal of MVS is to give both local filmmakers and musicians a chance to "rock the big screen!" All the entries in the Music Video Showcase are either by local directors or local musicians. Come support local music & local film all at once!

"One Good Reason" | Sore Eyes | dir. Sarah Fleming
"Frozen Fun" | The Clears | dir. Live From Memphis
"Monster" | Skillet | dir. Andy & John Irwin
"Todo Vuelve A Empezar" | Alfepado | dir. Angel Ortez
"Sun Never Goes" | The Perfect Vessels | dir. Graham Burks
"Hitler Lives" | Mudboy and Sons | dir. True Story Pictures
"16 Hours" | Ohio Briars | dir. Laura Jean Hocking
"America" | 8 Ball | dir. 8 Ball & Joe Gotti
"Tequila Salt" | Taco and Da Mofos | dir. Waheed AlQawasmi
"North Memphis Like Me" | Juicy J featuring Project pat and V Slash | dir. Nathan Black
"Sittin' On Blades" | Bigg Baby | dir. Jonathan Thomason
"Feels So Good" | Muck Sticky | dir. Nathan Black
"Somebody Better Tell 'Em" | Art of Raw | dir. Catina Johnson
"Begin" | Overjoid | dir. Eric Swartz
"Beauty Hunter" | Burning Star Core | dir. Tom Strodtbeck
"Good Luck" | Good Luck Dark Star | dir. Chad Schaffler
"Whatever You Like" | Taco and Da Mofos | dir. Waheed AlQawasmi
"Hero" | Skillet | dir. Andy & John Irwin
"Love" | Snowglobe | dir. Christopher Reyes
"Eighteen With A Bullet" | Fingers Like Saturn | dir. Mike McCarthy
"No Mistake" | Total Savage | dir. Brad Phelan

Li'l Film Fest 11: Musical Horror
Sunday, October 11th, 5:30pm at the Brooks Museum of Art
Runtime approx. 60 minutes

Live from Memphis' Li'l Film Fest is a quarterly, theme-based film festival, designed to encourage and inspire Memphis filmmakers while engaging the local audience in order to strengthen Memphis' artistic community. The theme of Lil'l Film Fest 11 is "Musical Horror," with each filmmaker required to include the secret ingredient: "orange." Each film in the program is 5 minutes or less.

The Tell-Tale Shitty Music directed by Kristopher Steward & Hunter Duesing
Fool Hearty directed by R. Jason Rawlings & Dave Godbout
You Better Behave directed by Geoffrey Brent Shrewsbury
Threnody directed by Jon W. Sparks
Thriller directed by Anupam 'Al' Lahiri
Spacecrane 2010 directed by HG Ray
Orange Delight directed by Donald Meyers
Unstable directed by Wesley Catlett & Justin Houston
Dark Fountain directed by Harmony Stewart
OCD directed by Joe Fragale
Frankenstein vs. Dracula: the Opera! directed by Adam Remsen

Best of Li'l Film Fest 2009
Wednesday, October 14th, 9pm at Studio on the Square
Runtime approx. 85 minutes

Li'l Film Fest is a quaterly film festival designed to encourage and inspire Memphis filmmakers while engaging a local audience. Currently in it's 3rd year, to date Li'l Film Fest has helped to inspire the creation of 131 films and in the process supported hundreds of aspiring filmmakers, crew members, and actors.

From Li'l Film Fest 9: Memphis - Fact or Fiction?
Journeyman directed by Arnold Edwards
An Exemplary Look at Memphis, Tennessee - Free of Charge! directed by G.B. Shrewsbury
El Regalo (The Gift) directed by Angel Ortez
Milhouse & The King directed by Alex & Clay
Weird Tales of Shelby Forst Vol. 1 - Thrill Hill directed by H. G. Ray
Snipe Huntin' directed by Eric Swartz
Chuck, From Craigslist directed by Morgan Jon Fox
CottonBallLand directed by Corduroy Wednesday

From Li'l Film Fest 10: Family
Sunday directed by Val Overstreet
Dinner at the Olson's directed by Don Meyers
Family Heat! directed by Andy Strong
Meet the Grotz directed by Rich Kimball
Son of… directed by J. Lazarus Hawk
Downer directed by Jason Rawlings and Jason Davenport
Monday directed by Eric Swartz

From Li'l Film Fest 11: Musical Horror
Lil Film Fest 11 Jury Winner (TBD)
Lil Film Fest 11 Audience Winner (TBD)

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