Monday, September 07, 2009

Understanding Shakespeare

One of the difficulties faced when learning Shakespeare is language accessibility. We simply have difficulty understanding the words, and so we miss the meaning of his plays and sonnets. LaVita Brooks will be taking on the responsibility of helping The Actors Community understand Shakespeare's language in order to appreciate what the plays mean.
Lavita trained with Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA and has been teaching Shakespeare for two years. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has been acting professionally for four years. During her first scene study, Lavita will go over Self Awareness which allows the actor to block out the things around them with voice and body exercises. This will be a lesson in acknowledgement of self.
The Actors Community helps adult actors who want training the chance to train without wondering about a lot of fees. It also helps in keeping the acting muscles warm so that when an opportunity for an audition approaches; the actor has been working on their craft that can be applied to the audition and possibly get them the job.
For more information, send inquiries to
Scene study group will meet Tuesday, September 8th at Caritas Village from 6:30p-8:30p. Directions are below.
Caritas Village
Take Poplar Avenue westbound
Turn right on Merton Street
Turn left on Harvard Avenue
Caritas Village will be to the left
2509 Harvard Avenue

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