Saturday, September 10, 2005

Jeffrey Nightbyrd's 10 Laws of Auditioning

Nightbyrd is head of Acclaim Talent agency based in Austin. He's been doing casting in New Orleans and although that city is out of the picture for a while, incentives offered by Louisiana remain in effect and projects are likely to show up elsewhere in the state. At a recent audition workshop, he provided this useful list:

1. The audition begins when you enter the door ... of the casting office.
2. Remember the casting director is your ally. She wants every actor to look good on her tape.
3. Fill the room. Casting directors have long days, so make your moments interesting.
4. Know your lines. In the audition you have to create the character, not remember lines.
5. Relax. Learn a personal relaxation technique that always works, then morph into your character.
6. Make strong and interesting character choices. The mistake is being afraid to make a mistake. Middle of the road auditions don't get the jobs, or even the callbacks.
7. Make the camera your friend. Know your basic light and camera angles.
8. Stay in character. Never apologize.
9. Give them confidence in your professionalism. Productions are expensive -- they don't take chances on amateurs.
10. Bring lots of headshots. Headshots are a key marketing tool.

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