Friday, September 16, 2005

Scriptwriting workshop

Arnold Edwards will be heading a six-week writing workshop at the MeDiA Co-op. Cost is $50 per person and pays for the location at the First Congo Church for six days. It pays for handouts and materials purchased for the workshop. It pays for all media materials (disks, etc.) and for additional needs for the workshop.

You get:
1. A structured workshop designed to teach scriptwriting, where your first draft (90-120 pages) should be finished by week 5.
2. Instruction of format, character development, analyzing a scene, writing good dialogue, etc.
3. Critique of your script by your peers.
4. Guidance in getting your draft copyrighted.
5. Class and personal instruction on script writing, ensuring you get what you want from the workshop.
6. And the list goes on and on leading to A GREAT SCRIPT!

The workshop is designed to help anyone, even those who consider themselves accomplished script writers.

Slots are filling up fast. The classes will be small to make sure everyone gets the instruction they need). If you are interested contact Arnold now. Classes begin within the next few weeks. For more information, please contact Arnold Edwards at

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