Friday, November 04, 2005

Ebert on 40 Shades

Roger Ebert weighs in with a review of Ira Sachs' "Forty Shades of Blue." Here's an excerpt:

There is a scene of some mastery, involving a party Alan throws in his own backyard. A big barbeque, with lots of booze and live music. His guests represent a cross-section of the Memphis music communities, black and white, young and old, and they all have one thing in common: A vast indifference to Alan. Watch him move through this gathering like a ghost at a banquet. Listen to his speech, at which with a grandiose gesture he tries to make things up with Laura; he is so ignorant of healthy human emotion that he has no idea he is only insulting her again, publicly.

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Don Meyers said...

Yeah...this was one of my favorite scenes too, especially since my wife and I are in it...we were picked because we could dance and the scene called for extensive dancing, etc...anyway, we did various dance moves with several other couples, and they filmed many takes for a period of a few hours...when we saw the completed film later all of this was cut...
Hey, that's show biz!