Saturday, November 12, 2005

More talent from Walk the Line

McGhee Monteith:
"I play Reba Cash, Johnny Cash's sister at ages 15, 21 and 32. There was a lot of Priscilla Presley wedding day hair going on in 1964 when I was playing 32. It was the most incredible experience ever and I feel so privileged to be a part of the whole experience. The whole Cash legacy which is so huge and the actors involved really, really delivered."
J. W. Williams:

"I play the pill guy, the bad guy in the movie. I'm the downfall of Johnny Cash -- until they get rid of me. I'm Satan with a smile, that's the way I played it. I liked Mangold coming on the set and being the spazz that he is because it was a creative spazz, not like Quentin Tarantino. I loved that he'd come on set and say, 'Lets take the million dollars that Fox gives us to make a (bleep) movie.' I would love that -- that's a great attitude to have. That was one of my favorite parts. I like the directors. I don't like actors."
Hailey Anne Nelson:

"I played Roseanne Cash, Johnny's oldest daughter. I was involved with the scenes of Vivian and Johnny Cash. I cried in a couple of scenes and I had a few scenes with Joaquin. I thought I was going to bond with him because he plays my "father" but when I met him and got to work with him it was actually more like bonding with the actual Johnny Cash cause he was so in character. I've been in a few features, like "Big Fish" and coming in January I have a lead role in "Wild Tigers I Have Known." It's a lot like "Stand By Me" and I'm really excited about that.
Cody Hanford:
"I'm Tommy Cash, Johnny's little brother. I get to ride on Joaquin Phoenix's back and kick a can. It was really cool. Joaquin was really nice. It was his idea for me to ride on his back and it was really fun."
Brandon Raines:

"I play in the Air Force scene in Germany in 1952. I play Johnny Cash's Air Force buddy, a guy named Sikes who you don't see in the film cause it got cut. But it was great. I had a tremendous amount of good experience on the set. I got a lot of general ideas about what to expect when I go to other movie sites. Meeting Joaquin Phoenix is very very uplifting because the guy is really dedicated to being in a certain kind of character. And to play a character like this, I think he's the only one who can do it. I had a great time working with him. And I'm hopeful that in the next one I do I'll be able to be seen."
And the busy acting couple of Geoff and Jan Falk were there. Geoff appeared as the Folsom Prison assistant warden and Jan was the lady at the five and dime. They were also stand-ins for Robert Patrick and Shelby Lynne. And both are angling for parts in the upcoming Demi Moore/Ray Liotta flick "Chlorine."

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