Friday, March 17, 2006

What, you haven't done it yet?

A message from the Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission:

As you know, the state-wide push for production incentive legislation continues. We are in touch with legislators daily and are currently working almost hourly with Tennessee Film & TV Coalition Coordinator, Andy van Roon, to find a practical but effective incentive plan which can become real this legislative session. Your emailed support is critical to the effort. We appreciate your earlier emails, supporting the Tennessee Film Production Advisory Report, sent to Governor Bredesen. Your email support is needed again:

Please go to

and sign your name, business, and location (where you're based in the state) at the bottom of the website page. The website and your name are being looked at by legislators from both The Senate and The House.

The Memphis/Mid-South area needs to show all of Tennessee's legislators that we are in harmony with the film and TV production community across the state ... in harmony and strong together, pushing for effective production incentives legislation this session. We look forward to seeing your names on the website.

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