Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And yet another venue for movies

MySpace Features Exclusive Content

from An American Haunting

MySpace.com partners with the upcoming Independent film, An American Haunting, to provide exclusive content and unparalleled visibility to its community of more that 75 million members. As the exclusive media partner for the film, the MySpace logo will be featured on every billboard, bus shelter, TV spot and on the film’s official homepage. With this partnership, the Indie film is able to launch a massive marketing campaign on the scale of a major studio by using MySpace as a catalyst.

Based on true events, An American Haunting tells the harrowing story of the most documented haunting in American history—a 200 year-old saga that to this very day continues to terrify the small town of Red River, Tennessee. Staring Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland, the film is posed to terrify viewers when it debuts this Friday, May 5, on an unprecedented 2000 screens nationwide. MySpace users can bear witness to the chilling story of the Bell Family on the film’s official MySpace profile, www.myspace.com/anamericanhaunting.

Horror fans and MySpace members can access the film’s trailer, exclusive clips and photos, download wall papers and AIM icons, as well as link to the writer/director/producer, Courtney Solomon, and character’s individual MySpace profiles. By linking to Courtney’s profile, filmmakers can get backstage knowledge of the filming, production and release of An American Haunting. As a friend of the film’s profile, MySpace members will get regular updates on the film, read an exclusive interview with Filmmaker Magazine and access pod casts with Sissy Spacek and Courtney Solomon.

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