Wednesday, May 17, 2006

DADA Ball Saturday

A Masquerade Party fundraising event to support all Delta Axis programs: Indie Memphis, Power House, Delta Axis @ Marshall Arts
Saturday, May 20, 2006
8 pm midnight

Power House, 45 GE Patterson (between Main & Front Streets)
Tickets: $20 for Delta Axis members, $25 for non-members; cash bar

What is DADA?
Dada began as an anti-art movement, in the sense that it rejected the way art was appreciated and defined in contemporary art scenes. Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, the movement was a response to the destruction and devastation of World War I. Dada was also a reaction the bourgeois Victorian values of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The word Dada literally means both "hobby horse" and "father", but was chosen at random more for the naive sound. After finding its origins in Zurich, the Dada movement spread to Berlin, Cologne, Hanover, Paris, some parts of Russia, and New York City.
Other elements integral to the Dada movement were the non-attempt to underlie work with any reference to intellectual analysis. The work was absurd and playful but at times intuitive and even cryptic. Methods of production were unconventional, employing the chance technique, and found objects.

Why a DADA Ball?
Several arts organizations hold an annual dada ball to raise funds and honor creativity in the style of the cabarets of the 1920s. Dada was a movement that crossed all mediums art, literature, theater and film making this event a fitting tribute to creativity by Memphis only organization dedicated to contemporary art and film. Delta Axis 1st Annual Dada Ball will be a whimsical event with music, dancing, performance, film and other presentations throughout the evening. Costumes are encouraged, though not required.
This is sure to be a spectacular evening come show your creative side at DADA Ball 2006!

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