Monday, May 29, 2006

Casting needed for Thursday

Film shooting 6/01 in Dyersburg, TN.

Casting for a British production company now shooting in the
Dyersburg area. Sounds like an oxymoron to be casting for a
documentary, but I'm casting that portion which is a dramatic
recreation of certain events.

If you think,or you've ever been told,that you look like Ellen Barkin
(only younger) or Kate Hudson (only shorter) e-mail your headshot or
recent snapshot and resume to me at jodoster@... ASAP! I'm
also looking for her scrappy, weathered husband in his early 40's (or
a 35 year-old who has lived a rough, outdoors life).

This is a blue-collar couple who have had a hard life. Both are
short: male is 5'6", female is shorter. Female has dark, strawberry
blonde hair; male is a brunette - moustache is okay.

Also looking for two little girls: a pretty, chubby five year-old
with very dark hair, and an eighteen-month old toddler with short,
light brown hair.

Contact info:
Jo Doster
Casting Director

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