Saturday, July 28, 2007

Corduroy Wednesday wants you, baby

From those excellent filmmakers at Corduroy Wednesday:

Hello to the fine acting community of Memphis. May I ask you a question? Are you tired of having roles on your resume like "Janitor", "Guy in booth #3", and "Rosencrantz"?

Want some fire power to boost that resume with some "Wowzers!" kinda roles?

Corduroy Wednesday Films, makers of Grim Sweeper, are pleased to announce the production of ELVIS PRESLEY: TCB JUSTICE! This short film will be presented at the Lil Film Fest, a quad-annual Memphis event which features the King of Rock and Roll as its theme for this festival.

It's a five-minute short following the action packed adventures of Elvis & his TCB crew.

We are looking for the following roles: This film takes place in 1970.

Elvis Presley: Not yet fat, but he's got the long hair going.

Jerry Schilling & Sonny West: Caucasian males late 20 to 30s will do.

Frank Sinatra: Ole blue eyes himself.

Dean Martin: Need to play drunk well.

Sammy Davis Jr.: Glass eye not required.

Cybill Shepard: 20's Blonde & blonder.

Ann Margret: 20's to 30's Red Headed hottie.

And one Mr. Jerry Lawler, young Lawler, 20's. Have crown and tights, then we want to talk.

And as extras we need hippies, Black Panthers, and Vietnam War protestors (aka hippies with signs).

Also, anyone who can do a spot on Nixon voice. It's not onscreen but just some quick voice work only.

Shoot dates will be in August and predominantly on weekends. Check the word around town, Corduroy Wednesday is famous for working schedules out with talent and feeding actors on set.

Most roles will require only a day to two days of shooting. Elvis, Jerry, and Sonny may take longer. Also, if you have any costumes that will work (especially a Elvis jumpsuit, flower power outfits or Jerry Lawler crown and gear, we would love to hear form you.)

This project is not a paying gig, but wouldn't you like to say "Yeah my cool cats, I played Sammy Davis Jr. once, who wants an autograph?"

All those interested please contact us at and any headshots, resumes, points of interest you may have send them on over!

To see more about us visit or our MySpace page.

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