Thursday, July 12, 2007

Memphis casting Saturday

Info from Colors Agency:

Open call for 100 Lives a film by Darius Wallace.

When:Saturday July 14th 9am-6pm
Where:2509 Harvard Ave 2nd floor of the Baptist Church Community Center
Contact: Abby Elzemeyer
Bring: 2 headshots and resumes


100 Lives is a story loosely based on the murders of 2006 in Memphis, TN. The story is
driven by the death of a teacher's daughter who is shot and becomes the 100th victim and
what he decides to do about it. After having an emotional breakdown, he chooses the
camera to avenge his daughter and in the end discovers that the greatest change that one
can make towards peace is by changing the heart.

List of Character Descriptions:

Mid 30's(African American), quiet fiery demeanor, intelligent, strong but soft spoken.

Late 20's (dark skinned African American), fiercely gangster, but intelligent.

Barry Knowles:
45 year old African American, wild demeanor, similar to Fredrick Douglas. He's a
landscaper and is the parent who's son is beaten by a gang. This person should be
intimidating to look at with a warped since of humor.

Daughter of Darrell and Ariel Jones, 5 years old but able to play 3 1/3, cute full of life and
charm, and bright beyond her age.

Ariel Jones:
Matriarch with the ability be paternal. She should be very positive energetic, soft spoken,
able to go from a mother to a warrior in a split second. She's an encourager and a leader
in her own right.

Like Willie Herenton

Fiery in the pulpit, soft spoken in the office. 50 year old African American, very

Michelle Jones:
Early 20's medium height African American woman. Typical attributes of a prostitute, yet
very articulate yet intelligent.

Little Twitch:
20 something African American female that can be mistaken for a 15 year old boy. Very
masculine and thuggish. Has demeanor of a cute teenage boy at times.

16 year old African American boy, very gifted, but living below his potential.

Big Rick:
African American 17 year old, heavy set class clown.

Very bright A-student, but has temper problem. Attractive 16 year old.

16 year old African American boy, intimidating.

Intelligent, very talkative, intelligent, well read. 16 year old African American male.

Class screw up, 17 year old African American boy.

Lil' Al:
16 year old African American male, hip-hoppish

Ms. Norris:
Church mother, 60 year old White American woman, fearful and religious, very intimidated
by her son.

Son of Ms. Norris. Ruthlessly redneck, unintelligent, alcoholic, mental and emotional
problems. 30 something.

Big Bone:
Well dressed blinged out drug dealer. African American mid 20's

Mid 40's, (race doesn't matter) quiet wisdom, patient, caring, leadership of a football
coach, but compassion of a priest (male)

Large unhappy man, no non-sense in his relationships.

Southern Robert Deniro-type

Early 20's, hardworking, single mom, associated with the wrong people, trying to create a
better life for herself, very determined, and likable.

Ex-boyfriend of Shelonda, late 20's, big muscular, but insecure.

The friend of Shelonda, very ghetto, fun, loud, completely extroverted.

Middle aged redneck woman, typical trailer person, loves forward to the day when she can
shoot a burgular in the head.

Mr. Shaw:
Henry Turler type.

Henry Turler Flunky type

Good friend of Darrell Jones, very supportive, soft spoken, but authorative leader, early
30's. (African American)

Tall, basketball player build, mid to late 20's very quiet and intense. (African American)

Mysterious, likes to be in the background, mid 20's (African American)

Mid 20's to Early 30's African American woman, energetic, bosy, everybody's little sister,
very similar to Thelma on Good Times.

55 year old Chris Rock type.

Young Nigga:
Wanna-be 50 Cents/ hip-hop thug type. Young African American.

Late 30 year old child, but bright enough to own his own recording studio.

Early 20's African American Tupac type

Barry Jr.:
Son of Barry Knowles, 14 year old African American boy, shy, nerdish, but intelligent.

Thug 1:
Thin 16 year old African American boy, touch with stupidity in his eyes.

Thug 2:
Flunky / Parrot of Thug 1

TV Reporter:
Any race, commanding, mid 30 year old woman, academically excellent.

Ray, Ray:
Thief for Diablo, mid 20's, bright skinned African American Male, cowardly, and pretty

African American woman, strong black woman type/ everybody's mother

Newly born gangster wannabe in with the crowd.

Mid 50's African American male. Hypocritical, acts like he's on your side.

Any race, properly canned in her speech, fake, Ms. Clever type.

Big Nill:
Admirable gangster, faithful father, very masculine, slow speech. But intelligent, justifies
crimes to take care of his daughther.

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