Friday, November 09, 2007

Do this one for the Gimper

The Ninjacat

From David Merrill ... and I concur:

"I don't ask much and I don't ask often..." Gabriel Byrne in 'Miller's Crossing

It's not often that you get to give back directly and personally to someone who has given directly to you or to a whole community. This is one of those rare opportunities. I am speaking personally when I say that Christopher has given to me of his time, talent and experience as he has for many of us. NOW is the time to support him. NOW is when he needs our help. My help. YOUR help.

If you're a musician, artist, filmmaker or just enjoy those arts in Memphis, I promise you that if you know it or not you've benefited from Christopher's (and Sarah's) work at Live From

Ouch! the benefit

From Christopher Reyes:

Rock-n-Roll soothes the soul and helps the back too!
Many of you saw me hobbling around the last month or so with severe back pain, struggling to make appearances at Indie Memphis, The Music Video Showcase, and CODA's Leadership Awards. I gradually lost all feeling in my foot and partially in my leg -- pain meds are the only thing that got through the past few weeks.

With the help of close friends I made it to the right doctors and got the surgery I needed. Fortunately, I do have insurance. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to cover the deductible or the mound of bills that's gradually been growing since I've been unable to work.

A good friend of mine, Mark Akin (the subteens), has been wanting to throw Live From Memphis a benefit for some time but I wasn't really into the idea of musicians playing for free. However, in light of the current situation, I figured this would be as good a reason as any for a benefit. So, thanks to Mark, T. Money, Bubba, Tasha the Hi-Tone and many others for making this event happen.

So, if you aren't too busy come hang-out with gimpy ol' me, Christopher Reyes, and listen to lots of great rock-n-roll!

Thanks to all friends and family who care.

Who: The Subteens, Perfect Fits, The Billy Worley Band & more!!
What: Rock-n-roll Benefit
When: Saturday, November 17th
Where: Hi-tone

If you can't make it, you can still help. Go to and make a contribution. Thanks.

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