Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Promise you'll follow through ...

LI'L FILM FEST 8: RESOLUTIONS (You know, the New Year's kind)

The Short & Sweet:
Theme: Resolutions
Duration: 5 minutes or less
Entry Deadline: Postmarked by December 3, 2007

Festival Date: December 15, 2007 / 2pm
Festival Location: MeDiA co-op (1000 S. Cooper)

Prizes: Jury Award ($200)
Audience Choice Award ($200)

The theme of Li'l Film Fest 8 is RESOLUTIONS, you know, the New
Year's kind. I know, I know, you will cut back on the partying and
staying out so late, you will exercise more and loose weight, you
will remember to call your mother on her birthday, you will stop
watching so much television, you will eat more veggies, and of course
you'll spend more time with the dog. But surely you can manage to
squeeze in a few hours to make a film, right...?

Please read aloud:
"I resolve to make a film for Li'l Film Fest 8. I will capitalize on
this unique opportunity to hone and improve my filmmaking abilities.
I will have fun while contributing to the success of the Memphis
filmmaking community. I resolve to make a film for Li'l Film Fest 8."


Li'l Film Fest is a quarterly, theme-based film festival, focusing on
highlighting our local talent while showcasing interesting happenings
around town. Our goal is to encourage and inspire Memphis filmmakers
while engaging a local audience in order to strengthen our artistic

"How does Li'l Film Fest work?"ˇ It's pretty easy. Basically, we here
at LFM will pick a theme, then we'll announce that theme to you, and
then you get to go out and make a short video (or film if you want to
be fancy) using that theme - the rest of the content is up to you.

"Why is it a li'l fest?"ˇ Two reasons: One, we have one every
quarter - that's FOUR festivals a year. How fun is that? And two,
when we say "li'l" we mean it - your film must be 5 minutes or less.

"Is there anything else I should know" Geez, you ask a lot of
questions, but the answer is "Yes."ˇ There are 2 awards given at each
festival, the "Audience Choice Award"ˇ and the "Jury Award"ˇ both of
which receive a trophy and $200 in cash!! And if that's not enough
incentive for you, each winner has a guaranteed spot in the next
Indie Memphis Film Festival! So keep that in mind when you're rolling
those cameras.

The Li'l Film Fest is sponsored by:
The Memphis and Shelby County Film and Television Comission
Delta Axis
AudioGraphics Masterworks

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