Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Last Train to Memphis: transition




In the distance is a blazing sunset in the western sky as a steam locomotive chugs away from the camera. We hear a distant bellow from it's whistle as it heads into the distance. The camera zooms out and in the foreground we see a silhouette of a lone man standing on a train station platform. He raises his hand to give a hesitant wave.


A tear swells up in his eye as he reflects on all the wonderful memories that are leaving him behind.


The silhouetted man standing on the platform and the train, now far away, is heading into the sunset. A very faint whistle blows from the train. The camera fades to black.



After 7 short films, 1 feature film, a documentary film on the Memphis Belle, 16 one hour LTTM Shorts Fest television episodes, several joint projects with other production companies, and the recent premier of the Memphis Photo Gallery and Juke Box, the train's "Shorts Fest" has made it's last stop. Powers beyond our control have brought the production to a stop. What will remain? The web site will remain up for some time for everyones viewing enjoyment and for promotion of Memphis indie film, filmmakers and actors. Older episodes of LTTM's Shorts Fest will remain indefinitely in re-runs on WYPL. Minor productions by LTTM will appear off and on, but we are concentrating efforts on our major feature film "5 Shots". The Memphis Film Collection will always continue, but submitting has changed. The library still wants 2 DVD's plus any other materials for the collection (which has really been growing). Take everything to the 4th floor and go to the main desk. Ask for Patrick O'Daniel, he is the one in charge of the collection. Hopefully LTTM has been a great asset and will be remembered for sometime as a promoter of Memphis Indie Film. We appreciate all the great people who contributed to Last Train to Memphis Entertainment. All films that have not been aired will be kept for a hopeful future episode.

PS - The shorts fest had a lot of fans, and we know we will get a lot of people wanting to know why the demise of the shorts fest. All we can say is send email's to council members, library management, local officials, news media and mayors. Also read the Memphis Flyer article for this last week......

Be sure to send this to anyone concerned. This will only be posted on MySpace and the LTTM web site.

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