Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Memphis Belle - LTTM

After having two local television stations tell us they would air our Memphis Belle doc if we cut out all the content that makes Memphis look bad, and being turned down by MIFF, we decided to return to our first instincts and post the documentary on YouTube for all to see. As filmmakers we LOVE YouTube! It puts the power back in the hands of the people. The filmmaker controls his own destiny, and you the viewer get to see what you want to watch, not what someone else thinks you would like to watch.

The Memphis Belle- The Final Chapter in Memphis doesn't paint a pretty picture of the city of Memphis, and we knew it would be a hard sell. (We did lose one of the most famous airplanes in the world because of lack of public support.) But for those long time Memphians who grew up with the plane for it's 60 years stay in Memphis, it will be a trip down memory lane as you get to see old photographs that we dug up from old archives and hear the stories of the Memphis Belle told by the last volunteers before it was removed from the possession of Memphis.

and Memphis lost yet another icon......

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