Friday, February 08, 2008

Valentine Shredders

Fredric Koeppel in today's Playbook was kind enough to comment on my contribution to the 2008 Works of Heart auction for the Memphis Child Advocacy Center. The work also includes music from the amazing Amy LaVere -- her "Cupid's Arrow" from the Anchors & Anvils album (Archer Records):

... Or take "Valentine Shredders," by Jon W. Sparks, a work that's probably the most anti-romantic in the exhibition. A small valise holds a portable digital videodisc player; the valise rests on the shattered remnants of the original wooden heart. The four-minute film depicts two attractive young women sitting at a table, feeding their Valentine cards and roses into a small leaf-shredder. In goes a rose. Grrrr-fffftttt! Out spew the scraps. In goes a card. Grrrr-fffftttt! Out spew the shreds. Take that, love and romance!

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