Monday, May 12, 2008

Association for the Future of Film and Television in Tenn.

Just received this press release:

The Association for the Future of Film and Television (AFFT) recently announced their formation and plans to begin a membership drive across the state for individual members and corporate partners.

“An organization of this kind is vital to the growth and well-being of the film and television industry in Tennessee,” said Jan Austin, former Deputy Director of the Tennessee Film, Entertainment & Music Commission as well as founder and Executive Director of AFFT. “The industry has never had an organization like this to represent them and to work on their behalf at the legislative level. In this climate of relentless competition nationwide for film and television projects, it is imperative that we make every effort to keep our state and it’s entertainment industry attractive to potential projects.”

The Association for the Future of Film and Television will focus on three goals:

1. To affect legislation in the State of Tennessee that benefits the film, television and video production industries and those associated with it.

2: To inform and educate those in the film, television and video production industries about proposed, active or unsuccessful legislation affecting the industry.

3. To promote the common interests of the industries at the legislative level.

“We expect to use funds raised through memberships and corporate underwriting to drive the Association and to hire a lobbyist to help with our efforts within Tennessee’s General Assembly,” says Roger Hodges, Executive Producer of Firefly Film & Video of Nashville and President of AFFT. “AFFT is also forming a political action committee (PAC) to support state and local candidacies of those who are supportive of our industry in general and of our individual efforts.”

The Association requires that two Directors from each of four areas – East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee and Chattanooga – serve on the Board. The Board of Directors for 2008 – 2010 are as follows:

East Tennessee: Michael Samstag (Knoxville Films); Juanell Walker (Talent Trek Agency)

Middle Tennessee: Gael Armstrong (Ground Zero Post); Scott Hallgren (Scootman Music Productions)

West Tennessee: Pam Branham (Younger Associates); Rod Starns/Jonathan Epstein (Running Pony Productions)

Chattanooga: Bob Hotchkiss (Cornerstone of America): Dave Porfiri (Mindflow Media, LLC)

A one-year membership in AFFT is $25. Membership is open to everyone in the film and television industry as well as anyone who is interested in the future of the industry. For more information about or to join the Association for the Future of Film and Television, please visit the website at or call (615) 797-4333.

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