Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tricks World Premiere June in LA

DeAara Lewis' "Tricks" has its World Premiere at the Hollywood Black Film Festival on June 5 at 8:30 p.m. in Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills.

From the HBFF site:
"She thought she played her cards right, she quietly left the city, and she quietly re-emerged, years later. Opening up a massage parlor and with the business tact she inherited from Doug Sullivan, she knew how to increase her revenue quickly - offer massages with 'happy endings.' It was a clever idea that quickly took off, yet still remained secretive enough to only reach the ears of those who understood the language. The parlor also brought in the women, each with her own reasons for wanting to work, each fiercely devoted to Donna in one way or another. Yes, Doug Sullivan taught her well.But then there was still Sebastian Crump, who believed Donna was responsible for the death of Doug Sullivan and the theft of over two hundred thousand dollars of Sullivan's money. Sebastian wanted her to repay the money that was stolen. Donna had to figure out a way to raise that kind of money in a short amount of time without bankrupting her business. She concocted an idea - host an after party for a famous artist who had a concert coming through town. Crump reluctantly agreed, but warned her if anything went wrong, he was shutting her down. As the event approaches, each woman has to make a tough decision. But the decision is not at all about leaving the business, but in her own way, learning how to be loved and accepted with no apologies in the world's oldest profession."

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