Wednesday, May 28, 2008

omg/HaHaHa World Premiere June in NY

From Morgan Jon Fox:

Sawed-Off Collaboratory Productions' feature film,
omg/HaHaHa, written/directed by Morgan Jon Fox, is having its WORLD PREMIERE Saturday June 14th 8:30pm at the AMC LOEWS 34TH ST Cineplex in NewYork City.

I don't know if any of you were at the sneak preview of the film in late '07, but this will be the first screening of the final version, which is almost 20 minutes shorter, with many changes to the edit.

The film was selected to be apart of NEWFEST, the 20th Annual NewYork GLBT Film Fest. We are very delighted to have such a prime time slot in a well respected film fest.

As a result, just in the last week we've received invitations from 12 other festivals to screen the film, and 3 different US distributers and an Israel-based international distributer have expressed interest in obtaining the film. HURRAH!

From the NEWFEST website:
"Cleverly reflective of today’s YouTube/MySpace generation, and shot in an improvisational, documentary style, OMG/HaHaHa opens a window to the lives of several young people in Memphis, TN. A teenager’s video blog frames the various stories, as he introduces his circle of friends and their troubles – from unexpected pregnancy to homophobia, break-ups to dying parents. From its attractive and talented actors’ naturalistic performances to its perfectly chosen soundtrack, OMG/HaHaHa impresses with a unique and inviting charm."

Link to our new ads for the film: Front and Back.

Many of the actors will be making the trip to represent.
Just spreadin the word...we are excited. Keep updated on all sawed-off's projects by checking our website:

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