Saturday, March 03, 2007

BSM needs you this weekend

From Deadline Hollywood

One of the most interesting movies so far this year, Paramount Vantage's Black Snake Moan, received great reviews. So it's all the more surprising that the #8 movie not only didn't do better at the box office, but its per-screen average was so weak. Playing in 1,252 venues, the Christina Ricci-Samuel L. Jackson starrer should have only a $3.4 mil weekend after making just $1.3 mil at the box office Friday.


Chris said...

Things picked up over the course of the weekend. Box Office Mojo reports that the final take was $4,016,000, with a per-screen average of $3,207. That's behind Wild Hogs, Zodiac, and the foreign language Oscar winner The Lives of Others (which was on a lot fewer screens) but better than everything else, including stuff like Ghost Rider. If it started slow on Friday and picked up over the weekend, that could indicate a good word-of-mouth.

And Wild Hogs? WTF? The sequal should be called "Wild Hogs 2: You're All a Bunch of Fucking Idiots".

Anonymous said...

Traveling around to film festivals all over the country, I find that most people outside of Memphis don't know who the hell Craig Brewer is. Maybe this is the cause of the weak box office sales.

John, not Sparks

Anonymous said...

People outside of Memphis may not know Craig Brewer as well but they do know (and like) Sam Jackson. As stated in the previous post, BSM did well being in only 1252 theaters compared to the other top tens who had 2500 theaters and up. Did some theaters think this film might have been too taboo to screen?