Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tennessee film incentives -- they're here

The state has formally rolled out its film incentive plan. Excerpts from David Williams' story in the CA are below. The full story is here, and details of the plan from the state's Web site are here. Nashville Business Journal story is here. Let's make some movies...

Tennessee is rolling out its film incentive program, highlighted by a $10 million fund for rebates, a headquarters relocation refund plan and grants for in-state filmmakers.

Linn Sitler, Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television commissioner, said Tennessee is "significantly competitive" with other states when the rebates on production spending, which can rise to 17 percent, are combined with a 15 percent refund for companies that establish permanent headquarters in the state and meet certain conditions.

"Last week we had the Robert Johnson company in town. They would not have been looking at us, quite frankly, if it weren't for the combination of the headquarters incentive and the $10 million fund," Sitler said.

Sitler said others states are "giving away the farm" to lure individual movies, while Tennessee's incentives are most generous to those who would set up shop in the state for multiple projects.

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