Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Memphis-made doc at MIFF Saturday

A group of Memphians have made a documentary that shares the story of NASA's Columbia Shuttle's failed re-entry and the aftermath.

The film "Of Good Courage" is being shown as part of the Memphis International Film Festival on March 24 at 10 a.m. at Studio on the Square. All aspects of the film -- directing, editing, production, scoring, etc -- were done in Memphis except the interviews that were shot in Texas.

The film, which won a trophy for first prize in the Trail Dance Film Festival in Oklahoma, is a documentary about the people of a small east Texas community who helped in recovery of the Columbia Shuttle and its crew.

The documentary was co-directed by David Wayne Brown and David Perry of Conaway Brown Inc., a Memphis advertising firm. It was produced on behalf of a not-for-profit Hemphill citizens group dedicated to building a memorial to the astronauts and two others who lost their lives in a helicopter crash during recovery efforts. A soundtrack includes original music written by composer Chris Nemec.

For more information about the film, call 458-1652.

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