Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Casting call for indie

This from the eCallboard. For further info, call the number below.

Casting call for independent movie being shot in and around Memphis area.
All ages needed.
Open auditions to be held at Germantown Community Theater, 3037 Forest Hill
Irene, Saturday April 14, Sunday April 15 1-5 pm. Call backs April 16 + 17.
Those wishing to audition should bring resume and recent headshot. Headshots
can be taken at theater for $1.

Due to budget constraints, this will not be a paying job, although full
consideration will be given in the credits.

>The movie is about a man who loses his family and begins self-destructing.
>He abuses alcohol and prescription drugs and begins hallucinating and
>witnessing bizarre murders.
>There are several speaking parts including:
>Landlady: Slumlord with a crass demeanor. Late 40's-50's.
>Joyce Clay: Mother and wife, mid 30's.
>Lacy Nichols: Mother and wife, Lacy's friend, mid-30's
>Secretary: Aloof and sarcastic, mid-20's
>Ellen: Regal publishing executive, mid-50's-60's
>Waitress: Small role, two to three lines, any age.
>Secretary #2: Same as above.

Contact Michael Crohan (901) 335-0077 for information.

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