Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Film project

The SouthEast Film Association and Movie Tao Productions are working on a
first of its kind project. It is cutting edge and likely to bring attention to participants.

Movie Tao Productions is working on a screenplay to be filmed and created
entirely by the SE Film Association and Movie Tao. The screenplay is going to incorporate a six-degrees-of-separation theme. The participating filmmakers will each be sent a scene from the script to film, cast and produce. The screenplay cannot change but the filmmaker can have the action and direction go however he or she wishes.

You do not have to go anywhere. Your location will be incorporated into the screenplay.

This is not going to be a paid production. It is strictly to help generate
awareness for the SE Film Association and the filmmakers that are involved.

We are not as of yet accepting headshots from actors as we do not have all of the

Filmmakers, this is what I would need from you if you are interested in

1.) Who you are
2.) Location
3.) How much time can you commit to this project?
4.) What is your typical genre?

Send your responses to

We are in the very early stages of planning this project so if you have ideas
andsuggestions, please let us know.

Thanks Chuck

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